2017-2018 Powder Puff


After putting on some war paint and a little bit of sparkle, both junior and senior girls marched over to Carroll’s football stadium to begin the 2017-2018 Powder Puff. Both teams were fired up and anxious to begin the game.

Senior Mary Meyers confessed she was a bit nervous but excited to start her last powder puff at Bishop Carroll.

Within the first five minutes of the game, senior Heidi Asmussen scored the opening touchdown.

“I couldn’t have done it without my teammates help honestly,” Asmussen said.

She was one of the two top scorers of the night.

The other top scorer for the seniors was Hanleigh Allen. Allen was too quick for the
“Juking Juniors” and scored at least twice during the game.

“I think it’s safe to say we juked the juniors pretty good,” Allen says with a laugh.

Both Allen and Asmussen scored two touchdowns for the “Long Snap Seniors,” leading them to a 28-20 victory.

As for the Juke ‘Em

Juniors, their top scorer was quarterback Kindel Nordhus, who made a touchdown and assisted others as well.

Junior Kate Martin commented with a chuckle, “I was on the O line and so I had to block the senior girls so that was fun haha. It was essential for us to work together because if someone were to double team us, we’d have to work together. The O line works together so that the quarterback can make their plays and score.”

Although both teams played an aggressive game, the Juke ‘Em Juniors were no match for the Long Snap Seniors. Perhaps next year, juniors!