New BCTV broadcast coming on Friday

Gun control debate, dating game are highlight segments


Shelby Vu, Journalism Student

The broadcasting class is coming out with a new BCTV episode on Friday and topics will include the gun control debate and a fun and light-hearted spin on the “Dating Game.”

The “Dating Game” will have one student, senior Claire Goenner, ask three boys, Ty Stanghoner, Caleb Weed, and Diego Esparza, questions. Goenner will not be able to see the boys, but will have to pick one boy to go on a date with. Mrs. Kobler, who teaches broadcasting class, called it a “fun idea.”

This segment is going to be a partner project with The Flyer school newspaper. The next Flyer will include an update on how the date went.
“It’s something we’ve never done before,” said Mrs. Kobler, about the new segment.

Another segment will be over the gun control debate. It will include “pros and cons” of the issue. It will be a serious and informative segment.

“Do the students even know what the Second Amendment is? So it’s informative and also gives opinions,” said Mrs. Kobler.

The broadcast will also have sports updates and news updates. After Friday’s, another broadcast is coming April 27, and the senior broadcast on May 11.
“We want to keep out broadcasts informative and funny and light, but we don’t want to be a joke,” Mrs. Kobler said.