The 3-1 Golden Eagles will be walking into the Lions den to take on the Lawrence Lions

The Golden Eagles will be walking into a five star matchup against the Lawrence Lions this Saturday


Aubrey Schnieders

The Golden Eagles walking onto the field for a routine kickoff against Dodge City

Adrian Holguin, Sports Editor

The matchup between Bishop Carroll and Lawrence is poised to draw a lot of eyes and turn a lot of heads, as two of the best teams in what could potentially be the entire state of Kansas will be facing off.


Both the Golden Eagles and the Lawrence Lions are coming off a successful start of their seasons, with Lawrence coming off of three huge blowout victories against largely inferior opponents, while the Golden Eagles are currently sitting at 3-1 with their one loss coming at the hands of the always impressive and dominant Derby Panthers. The one major difference between the start of both team’s seasons is that Lawrence has largely faced a wide array of lesser opponents, while the Golden Eagles have faced a more consistently stout set of opponents.

The standout factor of what has made the Lawrence Lions so impressive throughout the first quarter of the season is their two dimensional offense that can beat you both through the air and on the ground. In the team’s second game of the year against Washburn Rural, quarterback Jackson Dooley was able to compile 496 yards through the air and five total touchdowns. The Lion’s leading rusher, Devin Neal, was also able to compile 184 yards on the ground and three total touchdowns. If this box score is not enough to show you how impressive this offense is, I don’t know what is. It’s also important to note that in the team’s three games thus far this season, the team’s defense is yet to give up 14 total points on any given night.

As for the Golden Eagles, they bring forward a much more well-rounded approach. They put forward a very solid and well-rounded team that can go up against anybody, because of a balanced offense seamlessly complementing their impressive defense.

For the Lawrence Lions, in order for them to end the night on the right side of the scoreboard, they will need to consistently put points on the board and keep the ball out of the hands of the opportunistic Golden Eagle defense by not committing too many turnovers throughout the course of the night.


This is probably going to be an extremely competitive and high scoring affair, with both teams likely continuously trading shots with each other. But the thing that will separate the two teams is the opportunistic Golden Eagle defense. The Lions offense is gonna make one too many mistakes, which I think will allow the Golden Eagles to finish out the game 32-28. The key to the outcome of the game will be the fact that the Golden Eagles are a much more well-rounded and seasoned group, while the Lions have yet to face a team as talented as the Golden Eagles. This will more than likely catch Lawrence off guard and turn the momentum in favor of the Golden Eagles early on in the night, thus setting the tone for the remainder of the game.