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My name is Maddie Beck and I am a sophomore here at Carroll. I took this picture of my dog, Shadow. The photo was taken in my backyard after a storm, which created great lighting and color. I like this picture because of the intense colors and the story it tells about my dog.


My name is Addison Bright and I am a senior here at Bishop Carroll. I took this picture at sunrise in an open field by my house. I like this picture because of the cool colors and because the picture is focused on one of the plants but there are some out of focus in the foreground and the background.



Hi, I’m Lakin Shelton and I am a sophomore and I am currently taking PhotoJ! I took this picture at a lake behind my house as the sun was setting. I really enjoy this picture because of all the different colors in the sky. I hope you enjoy this picture as well!




Natalie Leonard and Wyatt Iseman created this sidewalk chalk art for PhotoJ class: “We were brainstorming and we decided a fun chalk design to draw would be a tree house. Wyatt is featured inside the house as Natalie swings below. This picture displays both of our playful personalities and colorful imaginations.”


“My sister Lucy, 7, gets excited as she prepares for her dance performance. I like this picture because it captures Lucy’s energetic and fun-loving personality very well. I enjoyed editing this photo using Photoshop to produce this great black & white image.” -Wyatt Iseman


“Cole, who is the nephew of sophomore Santana Martinez, is a very sweet and funny child. In this picture, he is playing with the string of a balloon. He’s very curious in how things around him work, and often gets into trouble. Even though he’s young, he’s very caring and loves everyone.” -Maria Le


“This photo is of senior William Lies using a dermal tool, sanding down a piece of cork for the Science Olympiad. The photo is visually interesting because of the selective focus and action in the photo. I like this photo because it does a good job stopping the motion and shows the detail of work being done.” -Nathan Lies


“This is my favorite picture because it was taken through my brother’s VW rack. After falling off a 5-0 grind, my brother was going to retrieve his board. All the elements of the photo point to this. Despite his body being hidden, it still shows his expression and the board which he is staring at.” -Dominic Brown


“My twin nephews Max and Josh take a break from wrestling to flash their big smiles at the camera. These two are a crazy bunch and almost never stop moving, so it was difficult to get this clear image. These boys are a constant source of joy in my life and I’m glad I was able to capture that in a photograph.” -Lauren Kerr


“I like this picture a lot because of the natural lighting and the motion of the ball. Luis Fernandez has been playing soccer since fifth grade and it’s his favorite thing in the world. Luis was named All State goalie three years from sophomore to senior year at Bishop Carroll.” -Caroline Childs


She snapped this shot of fellow sophomore Riley Schmidt: “This is a picture of my friend who is painting her bedroom. I like this picture because she’s just started painting and the wall looks big and clear like a canvas. I also like it because her appearance is a little rough, showing how she’s been working hard and painting for a while.” -Natalie Leonard


This was for Photojournalism’s “People at play” assignment. The picture has good action and follows the composition guideline rule of thirds. “This is my cousin Carson Lee riding his flow board down an incline at Sedgwick County Park,” Robben said. “The flow board takes a lot of coordination to ride.” -Olivia Robben


“This picture was taken at Sedgwick County Park on a surprisingly warm January day. My friend, Emily Hybl, and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and ride our tandem bike to the park and take some pictures. She went in for a close shot while I decided to get the whole view, which surprisingly included her. I like this picture because the partially frozen lake and contrasting colors give a very unique feel to image.” – Katie Gross


“I took this picture at the bridge in Swanson Park. This picture is a great example of the composition guideline Bird’s Eye View. The picture also perfectly portrays the environment it was taken in. As you look down at the frozen river you can feel the chill of January creep down your neck. The dark exposure shows the cloudy day on which I snapped this photo. I also enjoy the photo because the neutral colors of my shoes and the rustic look of the bridge blend well.” – Wyatt Iseman


“This photo is taken in a neighborhood at the corner of Central and Tyler. I like this photo because all the colors are muted except for the vibrant blue of the frozen creek. The S-curve of the water adds elegance to the creek, which if taken from another angle, would have been a boring photo. The picture was taken at dusk, which allowed for the unique reflections off the ice, which adds visual interest.” – Nathan Lies


“I took this picture that Sim Park. My older sister, Catherine, was driving and I noticee a whole bunch of geese in one area. I saw six geese flying over. I captured a picture of them right when they were about to land. I like this picture because it captures the bird’s motions and movements. I also like this picture because the birds are in an even number and it balances the picture.” – Maria Le


“This is a picture of the sunset at my house in Colwich. I originally took photos of the trees during the day, but when I saw the sun setting I realized how much better the photos looked that way. It is my favorite because of the amazing colors. I love the silhouette look of the trees against the sunset. The photo is simple, but I think it still tells a story of a beautiful night in the country.” – Caroline Childs

tennis favorite
“The picture is of my friend, Taylor Powers, serving a tennis ball. It was taken at Sedgwick County Park. This is my favorite picture because I really like the angle it was taken from. I sat on the ground and just told her to serve the ball so I’m glad that I got the picture right before she hit it.” -Emma Sanburn


Junior Chloe Taylor took this picture during a Level 4 practice for her competitive cheerleading team, ICT Legacy. “I like this picture because of the emotion on the flyers’ faces. I also like how all the girls on the ground are in motion and waiting for the flyers to fall into their arms. I feel like the girls’ arms lead your eyes to the girls in the air and I like how it makes them the center of interest.”

Riley Schmidt

I took this picture September 16, 2014 at Swanson Park. My favorite part of the picture is the sun in the background. I like the way the picture is focused more in the front and blurs in the back. It captures great detail of the center of interest, the main grain of wheat. I learned in doing this assignment and taking this picture how to use my camera better and take better pictures – Riley Schmidt

Clayton Blubaugh

“I chose this picture because it is well balanced. The geese are going in the same way, which gives it a sense of direction. The geese also gives character to the picture. It was taken in a pond by my house. It was taken during the golden hours. The geese are equally separated, which makes the picture formally balanced.” -Clayton Blubaugh

Rachel Kingsley“I took the photo in my backyard by the pond an hour or so before sunset. I really like this photo because it draws your eye to the windmill and the way the sky is divided and colored is pretty. Also, because the windmill is the center of interest of the photo, it draws your attention away from the bushes at the bottom of the picture. The photo is taken from a distance and the windmill is tall, so you get a worm’s eye view. I feel like this photo really captures the essence of the nature project.” -Rachel Kingsley

Ivonne Luna

-Ivonne Luna

Evan Parsons

I took this picture of my dog on my back deck. My dog’s name is Sammi and I have had her for 10 years. It is my favorite because it captures her characteristics on how she’s playful yet calm. I also like how she is focused in on the picture. The fence is framing her, which makes her stand out more. The lighting of the picture brings out her different shades of brown. -Evan Parsons

Abbie RileyThis picture was taken on a railroad track in Kechi. After spending time taking photos at the Kansas Great Plains Nature Center, I took this photo on Saturday, in the afternoon. I like this photo because the lighting is perfect, and I like the leading lines of the track. I really enjoyed this assignment! -Abbie Riley


This is my favorite picture because it tells a story. I took this picture at Swanson Park. It was during sunset when I captured this moment. The black and white contrast makes for a dramatic feel. The depth of the picture seeks their true love. The bright lighting at the end of the trees makes the people in the photo the center of interest. – Carlie Kobler

Windmill- Kristin Fimple

This photo was taken at the Sedgwick County Park at around noon on a Sunday. I was walking around the park and I noticed the windmill. I took a couple pictures of it, and I thought by using the composition guideline rule of thirds, that it gave the picture an interesting aspect. I like this picture because the colors are very bright and sharp in the photo. I also think this picture is very clear and simple, yet very interesting.             -Kristin Frimple

Kylie Pic

This picture taken at Swanson Park is my favorite because of the rustic, spooky vibe. I put the photo in black and white to give an extra effect. It was very cloudy the night I captured this and, unlike other cases where you want the golden hours with sunlight, the clouds worked with this picture. -Kylie Keahy

Julianne Martin Picture

I took the picture behind my house in South Wichita. Our house backs up to a field and pond. It was taken at around 7:40 p.m. I had my camera on manual settings when I took the picture. I really like the contrast of the lights and darks. The colors really pop and it has a big color palate. -Julianne Martin


“I was at my grandpa’s farm when I took this picture. The sun was starting to go down, and the trees created enough of a shadow to turn the windmill into a silhouette. My dad actually pointed out the windmill, so I got in the right position to take the picture.” -Dorothy Mies

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