Blog: Getting to Know the Flyer Staff

Hey everyone! It’s Anna here, just your average junior who’s trying to stay afloat admist the trial that is life. If you want to be spammed with stories about different life lessons, (like the time I accidentally lost my homework in the bleachers) funny moments with my family, (like the time my sister screamed for goldfish in the middle of Mass) interesting material I learned in class, (how many books you can stack on someone before the teacher notices) insightful conversations that I have with random people I meet, (who knew people could be so nice?!?) and random observations (by me) about books and movies, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hey! I’m Rochelle and I’m a senior at Bishop Carroll! This is my second year on the Flyer staff, and I mainly do page design and write content for it! While I do enjoy hanging out with friends and taking naps, this blog is going to be about music! As a typical teenager, I love to listen to music whether it’s in the car, or while doing homework. Music is something I’m always listening to, and makes my day better! For me, when choosing what music to listen to in the moment, it depends what mood I’m in. For instance, in the summer I like to listen to more upbeat songs that you can scream in the car to with your friends, but if I’m doing homework I enjoy more slow songs that will help me focus. Overall, music is something that no matter your differences, it can bring people together!

Bonjour readers! My name is Caly Bourbonnais. Yes that’s a French last name, thank you for noticing! A little of back ground on myself is that I’m a senior at Bishop Carroll and I’m an only child. Yes, that means I had a lot of down time to myself and yes I was very lonely (but that’s beside the point). My favorite color is blue (because there is no bad shade. Try and find one. I’ll wait) and I love to watch football due to my competition nature and my stubbornness to lose in any situation. My blog will most likely be rants about random topics I’m very passionate about. For example, how Frozen is the worst Disney movie ever made or how crocs should have stayed in the 2000’s. Well that’s it for now! See you on the flipity-flopity!