Teresa of Calcutta community wins Eagle Cup championship

Sebastian finishes second in a close race


St. Teresa student coordinators and captains led a group effort.

The St. Teresa of Calcutta community won the 2019-20 Eagle Cup championship, edging St. Sebastian in a tight competition that brought out more student involvement than ever before, according to Alan Schuckman, director of the Community System.

St. Teresa finished with 271 points, followed by St. Sebastian (261) and St. Therese of Lisieux (236).

“I think it was a good year for Eagle Cup because we definitely had more student participation, and that’s the goal,” Mr. Schuckman said.

St. Teresa claimed its first Eagle Cup title in the three-year history of the Bishop Carroll Community System. Lisieux won the inaugural Eagle Cup and John Paul II finished first last year.

Maggie Brandt and Grace Gorges, both seniors, were St. Teresa’s Community Coordinators.

“I believe the key to our community was the immense amount of strong leadership that came not only from our great house captains but also the grade level leaders,” Gorges said. “We had so many people with a variety of skills who were always there to help accomplish our goals, so it was really a community effort.”

Ms. Jessica Schippers, faculty dean for St. Teresa, praised Brandt and Gorges for approaching their leadership duties with “such joy and enthusiasm.”

St. Teresa’s theme for the year was “Be the one,” a quote from Mother Teresa that served to inspire the community, Ms. Schippers said. (“She wanted to be the one to comfort and satiate the Thirst of Christ on the cross,” Ms. Schippers explained.)

St. Teresa was in second place at spring break but moved into first after points for fewest demerits, school participation and merits were totaled.

“I am overjoyed and proud of the kids! They really came together this year from the start to the finish!” Ms. Schippers said.

The Eagle Cup championship represents a major improvement for St. Teresa, which had finished fifth and fourth in the first two years of competition.

“I think some major keys were having a strong support system from our dean, Ms. Schippers, our house mentors, and all of our house captains. They supported us by helping our ideas for the community come to life,” Brandt said. “I was very excited to hear the news. Everyone showed great spirit as we slowly made our way out of our 5th place from the past two years. I am so proud of our community and what we accomplished this year!”

1. Teresa of Calcutta, 271
2. Sebastian, 261
3. Therese of Lisieux, 236
4. John Paul II, 233
5. Andre Bessette, 223
6. Dominic-Savio, 219
7. Max Kolbe, 215
8. Philip Neri, 183

Note: Schuckman said St. Teresa will celebrate with its “activity day” next school year.