Astronomy added as new science elective for next school year

Girls Strength Training also a new option


Students study some astronomy in textbooks now.

By Rica Bluml, Journalism 

A new Astronomy class was approved for next school year by the administration. 

The class, a science elective, is a semester long and open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. At least twice the students will go to Lake Afton or Cheney and use professional telescopes. 

Mr. Alex Boschert proposed the class. “There’s a lot of kids with an interest in space and the stars and things like that so this class will help satisfy that interest,” he said.

Astronomy will include varied topics such as stars, constellations, black holes, extraterrestrial life and space travel. It will also cover ancient astronomy up to present day space travel. 

“The class sounds interesting because I don’t know much about Astronomy. I only remember a little from the third grade and I would love to learn more,” Hadley Knapp said. 

Other classes approved for next year are women’s strength training, advanced Spanish 1, and civil engineering and architecture.