Super Bowl predictions

A high-scoring game is expected by all three of our experts


Blake Bell was a star at Bishop Carroll and is now a tight end with the KC Chiefs. Photo courtesy of Chiefs.

Flyer staffers Chelsea Blake, Avery Walker and Evan Long break down the Super Bowl. 

Avery: With Superbowl LVII around the corner and Patrick Mahomes slowly recovering from a high ankle injury, what do we expect from our Chiefs? This is the first Super Bowl in history where two brothers will square up on the field, with Travis Kelce at TE for the Chiefs and brother Jason Kelce a center for the Eagles. This year, 30-second commercials were sold for as much as $7 million, which is a new record for Super Bowl.  

Chelsea: Rihanna coming back to music for the Super Bowl halftime show is not something anyone would expect. After not making an album for seven years, she will be doing a performance at the State Farm stadium. As a huge Rhianna fan myself, I am excited to hear old throwbacks and more of her recent stuff. Hopefully, she comes out with more music after this halftime show. Since Pepsi is not sponsoring it this year, it will be exciting to see what Apple has to offer when it comes to live shows.

Evan: I think the Chiefs will win a close game against the Eagles. Although the Eagles have a better roster all around, the Chiefs have the two difference makers. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are the best players at their positions. They have already been in two Super Bowls and won one of them. These two players will be too much for the Eagles to handle and will lead the Chiefs to victory.

Halftime score: 

Evan: Chiefs 17 Eagles 13
Avery: Chiefs 27 Eagles 23
Chelsea: Chiefs 20 Eagles 14

Final Score:

Evan: Chiefs 31 Eagles 23
Avery: Chiefs 43 Eagles 41
Chelsea: Chiefs 38 Eagles 27