Riverfront Stadium to host more BC sporting events

Golden Eagles baseball game to be played at Wind Surge stadium in the spring


The football Holy War was a big success. Photo by photo editor Raelynn Hahn.

By Evan Long & Avery Walker, sports editors

After the football Holy War’s recent success at Riverfront Stadium downtown, the baseball and soccer teams could soon be playing there, too.  

Mr. Tyler Fraizer, athletic director at BC, said, “We’ve already committed to playing a baseball game down there in the spring.”  

He said May 6 will most likely be the date for the baseball game.  

Mr. Fraizer added that BC and the Wind Surge are discussing having a boys’ soccer game at Riverfront in the fall of next school year.  

Frazier also said that Jay Miller, president of the Wind Surge, made it abundantly clear that Riverfront is a community stadium and is for the city.  

“He (Jay Miller) wants to host a lot more events down there than what they’ve had these past few years,” Mr. Fraizer said. “We would love to be a part of that.”

BC played its home game in the Holy War against Kapaun at Riverfront Stadium, and it was a big success. BC won the game, and a stadium-record 8,066 fans attended. Mr. Fraizer said that the game is considered the “benchmark” for success at Riverfront.