Blake Bell: “Eagle Pride Lasts Forever”

“We put in the work at BC and it showed”


In December, former BC star and current Chiefs tight end Blake Bell did an email interview with Flyer staffer Avery Walker. The interview appears in the current print issue of the Flyer school newspaper. Bell gave updates about his comeback from an early-season injury, family and new baby girl. 

What has rehab has been like?
It’s been great. The Chiefs have a great training staff that works to get you back on the field as quick as possible.

When do you expect to be on on the field to practice and play in a game?
I’m very close; hopefully everything continues to progress and I’m back out there soon.

How difficult has it been to miss first part of season?
It’s always difficult when you can’t be on the field with your teammates. You work so hard all off-season and training camp for the regular season. Just have to stay positive!

Have you learned anything watching from the sidelines?
Makes you realize how much you miss playing the game and being out on the field with your brothers! Injuries are part of this game and all I can do is take it one day at a time and enjoy the ride because you can’t play this game forever.

Have you ever been seriously injured before?
I had surgery on my shoulder in 2017 while I was with the Vikings, but other than that I’ve been pretty lucky!

When was your daughter born?
Sept. 6th

What is your baby girl’s name?
Brinleigh Ann Bell

How is it being a first-time dad?
It’s amazing. It truly is a miracle and a blessing.

What has life been like since baby and rehab?
It’s been great. My wife Lyndsay has been the MVP with Brinleigh, since I’m at the facility most of the day. But when I get home I switch over to dad duties. Haha.

Do you hope your daughter is an athlete?
I will support her in whatever she does. But growing up in our family I’m sure she will love sports!

Did your wife play sports?
She played tennis in high school. Always beats me when we play. Also beats me in ping pong which makes me mad every time lol. We are a very competitive family.

How closely do you follow BC football and Carroll?
I still follow them! With most coaches still being there I will always support them in everything! Eagle pride is something that lasts forever!

What’s something you learned in BC football that you still use in the NFL?
Work ethic and discipline. We put in the work at BC and it showed on the field or whatever sport I was playing. My teachers/coaches and everyone there always made it a priority. If you don’t put in the work and be detailed in what you’re doing, you won’t like the results. The relationships you make and people you surround yourself with is everything.