INSIDE SCOOP: Senior Edition of the Flyer

A quick run down of what you should look out for in this last edition of the FLYER


Katie Gross

Check out the sweet cover of the upcoming Flyer! Designed by Grace Buessing, Mary Ebberwein, and Katie Gross.

Makayla Ehmke and Alli Gregg, Staff Writer

In the final, and largest, edition of the Flyer, look forward to a spotlight shining on this year’s senior class.

To start off, the Flyer takes a look at how much some of the seniors have changed since they were young. In a photo comparison put together by staff writers Maddie Beck and Mara McElgunn, the ‘Senior Transformation’ features students such as Shelby Kraus, Katie Smith, and Lauren Kerr. 

Next, Flyer reveals the results of the ‘Most Likely’s’ voted on by the senior class. With categories ranging from Miss America to Pope, students of Bishop Carroll can see what may be in store for the future. Check out the center, designed by Drew Davis of this new edition to find out who won what.

Some Bishop Carroll athletes will continue their excellence in sports in college. These seniors are featured on a collection of pages, including the Senior Signings, and Madi Miller’s continuance of softball in college, telling about their future plans. Other Spring Sport Standouts are covered as well. 

As the year is coming to a close, we are saying goodbye to more than just students. Carroll’s four retirees, their legacy, and plans for the future, will be revealed in this issue. Staff writer Makayla Ehmke interviewed the teachers leaving this year, and reports their story.

Along with saying goodbye, the Seniors also want to say thank you. Luke Linnebur, Camille Zarycki, and Cole Schnieders have a goodbye/thank you message to Bishop Carroll.

Watch out Seniors! There may be a special message for you, somewhere within this issue…be on the look out.