First Flyer of the 2017-2018 School Year Coming Soon



The first issue of the Flyer will be handed out on Friday during all lunches. The staff is excited for the school to get to finally read what it has been working on since the beginning of school. Here is a list of what you can look out for.

  • Staff Writer Carlie Pracht designed a spread full of fun activities ranging from Sudoku to spot the difference. This spread is a great past time activity and a fun addition to the Flyer.
  • Staff Writer Addie Duling designed the news page in the most recent edition of the Flyer. Look for a volunteer opportunity, recent happenings in the Bishop Carroll community, and a short story to make you crack a smile. This page is very important because it keeps everyone updated on things happening in our own community. Stay up-to-date and read the news page!
  • Brayden Steven designed a page full of eagle pride that includes multiple pictures from the pep rally. The page is vibrant and adds a colorful twist to the first issue of the 2017 Flyer.
  • Need any tips on how to handle a busy day? Staff Writer Brooke Martin did a feature over Blair Lashley’s life of being a two sport athlete in one season. Get some advice on how to handle a hectic day and to give 100 percent to both teams.
  • Do you have any younger siblings? Read about what you should be doing for your siblings in Staff Writer Julia Iseman’s article, Shaping Our Siblings, this Friday!
  • Staff Writer Kate Martin wrote a story over the new drama teacher, Mr. Tony Rosales. Rosales gives some answers as to what he wants to improve in the drama program and what all he wants to change.