Get ready for Flyer Friday!

Issue 2 cover story is about students going retro


Issue 2 of the award-winning Flyer school newspaper comes out tomorrow. 

  • Have you gone to the movies recently? Is Regal taking over the Warren a positive or a negative? According to gathered data, movie attendance has slowly been dropping. Are movie theaters going down for good? Grayce Barrientos and Brayden Steven investigate. Check out this Fridays Flyer for more information.
  • Want to know what students think about the recent NFL protests? Students voice their opinions on the controversial subject in an article designed by Kelly Mai. 
  • In this edition look for the best places to go in northwest Wichita! Kate Martin and Addie Duling took your votes from the Twitter polls and decided the most interesting and delicious dwellings to stop and check out around town.