Coolest Jobs Around Town Continued

Morgan Reichenberger works at a veterinarian hospital. For part 1 of this feature, see Issue 2 of the Flyer.


Reichenberger pictured holding a puupy at Auburn Hills Animal Hospital.

Nate Wetta, Flyer Writer

THE JOB: Morgan Reichenberger works at Auburn Hills Veterinarian Hospital. Reichenberger has worked at the animal hospital for four months after she had been shadowing for a year. She works 12-20 hours in an average week; during holidays, she works a few more hours due to the amount of animals that will board at that time.

WHY SHE LIKES HER JOB: Reichenberger has a love for her job because it provides her with a great hands-on experience and mentoring from doctors, considering Reichenberger aspires to be a veterinarian.

THREE UNIQUE WORKPLACE  PROCEDURES: Some of the procedures Reichenberger does everyday include: giving animals medicine, helping restrain animals during procedures, and observing all kinds of animal cases along with the procedures and surgeries involved.

WHAT MAKES THE JOB DIFFICULT: Reichenberger struggles with seeing pets pass away because she knows how hard it is for the families. Reichenberger perseveres through the occasional bites and scratches from the frightened animals for love of the occupation and the pets.