Staff Anticipates Fr. Brand


Fr. Sam Brand will be Bishop Carroll’s next chaplain. As a graduate in the class of 2006, many teachers are familiar with him and are excited to see what he brings to Carroll.

Mrs. Harshberger: “I can’t imagine any priest that wouldn’t be good for the school. I think every chaplain I’ve ever gotten to work with has been awesome. I think his youth and the fact that he’s an alumni seems to bring in a lot of excitement. I think he’ll be great for our student body, and I hope Fr. Sam Brand will enjoy it as well. He graduated from Bishop Carroll in 2006, he is currently associate pastor at Church of the Magdalen. I believe the changes take effect around June 21. We’re having a meeting on June 29 with all of our new people here at Bishop Carroll.”

Mr. LaMunyon: “I remember Fr. Brand when he was a student here. He was a very nice young man, involved in lots of activities, and I’m excited to hear that he’s our new chaplain. I was disappointed to hear that we won’t have Fr. Ben anymore because I’ve enjoyed having him here, but I was excited to hear that Fr. Brand is the replacement. I think he’ll bring a great energy to Carroll. I don’t think it will take very long at all for him to establish a relationship with the students and faculty and sports and activities groups. He’ll be somebody who’s involved in the school as a whole and I think it’ll be a nice fit for us.”

Mrs. Crownover: “He was a fantastic student and he will be fantastic at Bishop Carroll. At Magdalen, he relates very well to the youth, and we are excited to have him. My daughter is very excited as well, even though she won’t be here next year.”

Mr. Nielsen: “I think he’ll be good simply because he’s a graduate from here and he’ll have a lot of care for the school. I went to his ordination and he seems like a good guy.”

Mr. Laubhan: “I remember he was always conscientious, hardworking, but he was still able to relate and socialize with other people. I think he will be good here because he will be able to relate to everyone, and he will do well with taking on the challenge of living the faith. He also has the energy and drive needed.”