Fr. Larry Richards


Makayla Ehmke


Father Larry Richards revealed the only way to Heaven is to pray and to love. Prayer and love are all you need to become a saint, he said.

“No Bible, no breakfast. No bible, no bed,” Father preached.

Fr. Richards, who was ordained in 1989 and speaks at many conferences and retreats, spoke to students at an assembly on Tuesday.

Father recommended that before you even get out of bed, you should pray and before you go to sleep, you should pray. You don’t want to go before God and tell him you spent more time being selfish that you did praying, he explained.

Father continued his speech with a heartfelt story about a man that was an alcoholic police office. The man was dying at 44 years old, but he looked like a man who was 99 and dying of age.

Father explained he went to visit the man while he was in the hospital, and he stayed with the man for a week. The day Father had to leave, he told the man he wanted him to come to his graduation, even though they both knew he wouldn’t last that long.

Father told that as he was leaving he looked back and saw the man was waving him back with whatever strength he still had. The man grabbed Father and hugged him with all his might.

Father said, “Yeah, I love you too dad.”

Father explained that that was the last time he ever saw his dad and now looking back on it, he is glad the last thing he ever told his dad is that he loves him.

Father continued on urging the student body to start by just telling their families that they love them. Father challenged everyone to sit down and write two letters, one to their mom and one to their dad. He said tell them you love them, and tell them why.

Father concluded reinforcing his opening statement.

He said, “The two things you need are, one: prayer, and two: love.”


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