‘A sense of peace’ experienced during Handmaids’ Rosary

Jackson Maldonado, Staff Writer

The Handmaids of Mary, led by Sr. Mary Lucia, are leading a Rosary after school every Tuesday in the Chapel.
Last week, there was a maximum of five attendants, but this week it had tripled in size.
Sister began by asking for intentions, which was responded with everything from prayers for family, Las Vegas, the recent natural disasters, and for all the silent intentions held by each student. One even prayed for the conversion of Russia.
Attendees meditated upon the Sorrowful Mysteries, which are always moving, but this week it seemed even more so. There was a quiet dignity in the way the group prayed, a great way to finish a tiring day.
“When the Handmaids of Mary came together to pray the Rosary, it gave me a sense of peace and community at the end of the day,” said sophomore Erika Martin.
The Rosary concluded with the Crowning of Mary, placing a crown of flowers upon Our Lady’s statue, all while singing the Salve Regina, the Latin version of the Hail Holy Queen.
“The Salve Regina is one of my favorite prayers. We pray it after every adoration, so it was great to honor Mary outside that context,” said sophomore Michael Burns.
The members of Handmaids walked down to Sr. Mary Lucia’s room to conclude, ending the relaxing service, which had exceeded no longer than 25 minutes.
Handmaids urge you to attend next week, because the Handmaids are only praying the Rosary for this October, the Month of the Rosary, starting at 3:15 after school.