Heights Game Preview

Lakin Shelton and Kennedy Carpenter interviewed Coach Dusty Trail for this week’s edition of “Talkin’ with Trail.” After last week’s big victory over Kapaun, the football team faces off


What pleased you most about the victory over Kapaun? The way we came out right from the start and took over the game.

What has the offense been working on this week? Like every week, we are just trying to improve and get better. We are trying to improve our running game as far as our passing game.

Who are some under-the-radar players to look for tonight? Ty Sifer has been playing well for us all season. I would look for him to have a big game. I’m hoping that Ethan Lopez or Woodard, one of our outside guys, will step up.

Describe Heights quarterback Garrett Haskins? To be honest, I haven’t looked at Heights offense a whole lot. From what I know about him he is quick and we are very concerned about him on the defensive side of the ball as far as stopping him.

Is a Thursday night game more difficult? Yes it is, just from a time standpoint trying to prepare and get ready for a game. It’s a shorter week and we the coaches get used to the schedule and stick with the schedule so it disrupts our preparation from a coaching standpoint. From a player’s standpoint, I’m not sure how it runs for them. They are just excited about anything.