High Powered Golden Eagles Look Forward To Substate Following Successful Regular Season

The Golden Eagles will be taking on Ark City in tonight’s opening substate matchup.


The Golden Eagles, led by the senior trio of Alex Littlejohn, Enrique Lankford and Carter Reid, have been firing on all cylinders for the vast majority of the year. This team has continuously been able to show that they can get high-percentage looks with ease on the offensive end, allowing BC to possess one of the most feared offenses in the entire Kansas 5A class. The Golden Eagles will be kicking off their 2021 playoff campaign against the 14-7 Arkansas City Bulldogs in tonight’s substate matchup.

This team has consistently shown over the course of the season that it is able to present both an impressive and emphatic offense, while also playing a fast and aggressive brand of defense on the opposite end. This style of play has become a signature for this program ever since Coach Domnick arrived in 2015. The skill of being able to put his players in the best position to find success makes Coach Domnick unmatched.

When asked if the team alters its style of play going from the regular season to the playoffs, Reid stated, “Our style of play doesn’t change at all. We’re gonna go out there and play our game. Play hard nose defense and take care of the ball. Our mindset changed as in we know this could be our last game ever for some guys. We gotta go out there and leave it all out on the court.”

It’s clear from continually watching this team that Coach Domnick has continuously been preaching to this group not only the importance of every game, but also the importance of having great team chemistry on and off the court. Reid stated, “We all got each other’s backs on and off the court. When we go out there, it’s a battle, no man left behind. We know each other so well. We go out there, have fun, play hard, and hope that the rest will take care of itself.”

Adrian’s Thoughts:

One of the main storylines heading into this year’s postseason is spectators will be allowed to attend playoff basketball games. This ruling is a significant one for the Golden Eagles considering they will be hosting substate this week. Fans in attendance will no doubt give the Golden Eagles yet another edge. They will be playing in front of raucous crowds and spectators. Senior Preston Rottinghaus stated, “There is no way to describe what the crowd is like; it gives you the adrenaline rush like no other.”

While this year’s playoff run will in no way be easy for the Golden Eagles, this team is extremely battle tested. A combination of size, speed, and experience is what you rely on at this juncture of the season and that is three things that the Golden Eagles possess. The Golden Eagles truly have all the tools this year, they just need to find ways to put it all together and play every game like it’s their last. That is what it will take to achieve their ultimate goal.