Week-In-Review #6: More of the same for the high flying Golden Eagles

Adrian Holguin, Sports Editor

Week six of the 2020-2021 campaign was an overwhelmingly successful one with the Golden Eagles emphatically and convincingly taking down two formidable opponents, the Southeast High Golden Buffaloes and the East High Blue Aces. The Golden Eagles were able to outscore their opponents with a combined score of 117 to 77.

Following this week’s two victories, the Golden Eagles now stand at 13-2 as their regular season begins to draw to a close. The Golden Eagles have largely been able to stay out of the potential drama created by COVID-19, with only one player being quarantined over the course of the season. The Golden Eagles have been led by the senior trio of Alex Littlejohn, Enrique Lankford and Carter Reid, who have all been able to put together successful senior seasons. All three of these talented players are currently averaging north of 10 points and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Carter Reid has largely filled the role left behind by Brenyn St. Vrain, who departed with the 2020 Senior Class. Reid plays extremely hard and aggressively on the defensive end, and then is in constant motion on the offensive end constantly looking for high percentage looks. Alex and Enrique can both be described as the workhorses on the team. Each of them is able to get open with ease and able to capitalize, along with having the ability to score in bunches. The Golden Eagles are extremely fortunate to have three players of this caliber on the roster in the same year, in that it makes them extremely difficult to prepare for and defend. 

2/2: Win vs Southeast 55>38

The Golden Eagles were able to beat the Southeast Golden Buffaloes by a score of 55-38 this past Tuesday night. This 17-point win was largely built off the backs of Carter Reid and Alex Littlejohn, with Carter putting up a total of 17 points alongside Alex’s 16. Enrique Lankford was also able to put up 12 total points by the end of the night. It’s extremely difficult to stop this team when this trio is going at it full force, which seems to be the case more often than not.

2/5: Win vs East 62>39

The Golden Eagles were able to come out on top Friday night against the East Blue Aces with an emphatic 23-point victory. The Golden Eagles have been able to put together some impressive victories over the course of the past few weeks and this game was no different.

The Golden Eagles were able to successfully contain guard AJ King, who has consistently proven, over the course of the year, why he is one of the premier players in the City League. It was clear from the opening tip that the Golden Eagles were wanting and looking to put constant pressure on the East Blue Aces and not let anything come easy. They were able to do this alongside a barrage of halfcourt traps and quick hands used to knock the ball out. This hardnosed and quick defensive style was the main reason for the dominant victory.

The standout performers for the Golden Eagles were forwards Alex Littlejohn and Enrique Lankford who were consistently putting together excellent highlight-esque plays, en route to some excellent shots from the perimeter.

Alex was able to finish the night with 17 points on the night and Enrique finished with 17 points to match. Senior guard Will Biby was also able to finish with 13 points, in part due to a large number of successful mid-range jumpers that he was able to convert throughout the night.

Going Forward:

After this successful week for the Golden Eagles, the team’s win streak now stands at 11, and the team seems to be getting better and better with every passing week. The Golden Eagles will be taking on the 9-5 Northwest High Grizzlies in their weekly Tuesday matchup. While this is a formidable matchup on the road, I do expect the Golden Eagles to be able to come out on top. The Golden Eagles will then turn around and take on the 3-10 West High Pioneers in their Friday night matchup. I do expect for the Golden Eagles to dominate in both of these matchups to advance their winning streak to 13 games, thus continuing their momentum en route to their Holy War matchup with the Kapaun Crusaders next Tuesday night.