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Sophomore Dylan Albers is a defender on the varsity soccer team. He will take you inside the team this season with a weekly diary. Look for it every week.

The regular season is over and post season has started. In the overall season, we did exceptionally well considering how young and how small our team is. The team didn’t start off too hot but pick up the pace and did much better near the end of the season. We are now continuing our momentum to the post season and started off with a 3-1 victory to Andover Central. Expectations for this year are high. We hope to make it to state for the second year in a row and this time we know what to expect. We aren’t letting down anytime soon and we plan to show every team what we can do, even with our fantastic five freshman. Taylor White made 2nd team All City for offense, Chase Charles made 1st team All City for defense, and Dawson Lee, Corbyn Howard, Skyler Stuckey, Alec Bevis, Aidan Woods, and myself, made Honorable Mention. We are now expected to play at Liberal this Thursday.

Dress-code additions include tie for girls


Flyer staffer Kylee Mernagh models the new tie that will be added to the dress code for girls.

By Morgan Werth, Flyer

Students may start to notice a few changes in the hallway as far as the dress code goes.

During this year’s leadership workshop, students brought up new ideas for the uniform. These ideas included polo shirts and shorts, official bow ties for boys, and school ties for girls. After the proposed changes went through the department chairs and administrative team, a decision was made.

Girls will have the option to wear ties of the Bishop Carroll print. Kylee Mernagh was able to model the “tester” tie. (See photo above) This is the general style that will be available for girls and may be worn as tight or loose as you please.

In addition to the girls tie, boys will now have an All School Mass bow tie option. Parkers is making pre-tied bow ties in the same material as the regular ties. Boys may still wear bow ties of other materials on game days if it is suggested by their coach.

Principal Vanessa Harshberger said the new shirts and shorts were not passed because “we wanted to keep the uniform look throughout the school.”

The pre-tied bow ties will take some time to get in the BC print but these new additions will be available to students soon.

PhotoJ pic of the day: Flying high!

IMG_5354Junior Chloe Taylor took this picture during a Level 4 practice for her competitive cheerleading team, ICT Legacy. “I like this picture because of the emotion on the flyers’ faces. I also like how all the girls on the ground are in motion and waiting for the flyers to fall into their arms. I feel like the girls’ arms lead your eyes to the girls in the air and I like how it makes them the center of interest.”

PhotoJ pic of the day!

Riley Schmidt

Photojournalism student Riley Schmidt describes her picture:

I took this picture September 16, 2014 at Swanson Park. My favorite part of the picture is the sun in the background. I like the way the picture is focused more in the front and blurs in the back. It captures great detail of the center of interest, the main grain of wheat. I learned in doing this assignment and taking this picture how to use my camera better and take better pictures

PhotoJ pic of the day!

Clayton BlubaughClayton Blubaugh discusses his favorite Photojournalism picture from the nature assignment:

“I chose this picture because it is well balanced. The geese are going in the same way, which gives it a sense of direction. The geese also gives character to the picture. It was taken in a pond by my house. It was taken during the golden hours. The geese are equally separated, which makes the picture formally balanced.”

Maize Game Preview

This week the No. 1 ranked Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles play the Maize High Eagles. The Golden Eagles come soaring into this game at 6-0 after a 56-8 win over Southeast. The Maize Eagles come into this game at 4-2 with a nail biting 42-41 overtime win over the Newton Railers. The main player to watch for on the Maize Eagles is senior quarterback Connor Lungwitz who has thrown for over 1,700 yards this season and in three games thrown for over 300 yards, including a game high of 430 yards against Newton. Lungwitz’s top receivers are Gabe Chavez and Kendall Stewart, who both have over 500 yards receiving this year. This week will also be the return of senior running back Jordan Guerrero who was out with a shoulder injury. Maize’s defense is led by senior free safety Elijah West but has given up over 2,100 yards of offense and 190 points. The Bishop Carroll Gang Green defense, which has only allowed 650 yards and 44 points this season, will be a big challenge to Lungwitz’s arm. The Golden Eagle offense has put up 325 points and gained 2,345 yards, led by Denzel Goolsby, who has 22 touchdowns alone. This should be a good matchup between both offenses and defenses. Prediction: Carroll 61 Maize 14

Written by Kyle Moore

PhotoJ pic of the day!

Rachel KingsleyRachel Kingsley describes her picture, which was taken for Photojournalism class:

“I took the photo in my backyard by the pond an hour or so before sunset. I really like this photo because it draws your eye to the windmill and the way the sky is divided and colored is pretty. Also, because the windmill is the center of interest of the photo, it draws your attention away from the bushes at the bottom of the picture. The photo is taken from a distance and the windmill is tall, so you get a worm’s eye view. I feel like this photo really captures the essence of the nature project.”