Schuckman: ‘Shaky’ driving habits common for start of year


Students try to exit Bishop Carroll’s parking lot on a rainy day. Photo by Morgan Werth

Since the start of the 2014-2015 school year, the Bishop Carroll parking lot has experienced an average of one fender bender per day.

“Usually things are pretty shaky during the beginning of the year, with students getting used to their parking spots,” Vice Principal Alan Schuckman says.

Surprisingly enough, this is not a substantial increase from years past. Most accidents occur after school, as students rush to get out of the busy parking lot.

“With 600 teenage drivers in one parking lot, there’s always going to be a few accidents,” said Schuckman when questioned about the severity of the problem.

Thankfully, none of the accidents have been serious and they are expected to decrease as the school year continues.

By Jacy Holbrook

Freshmen Learn to Adapt


Freshmen enjoying their first lunch at Bishop Carroll.

Green beanies, scary big kids, and a brand new atmosphere. High school can definitely be intimidating. However, this year’s freshmen are adapting well, and having fun along the way.

Bishop Carroll freshmen Lauren Riley, Mercedes Ast, and Alyssa Salas are all enjoying Bishop Carroll so far. When asked about the biggest difference from middle school to high school, they all say that the most notable changes have been the number of people in the school, and the amount of homework. Even though these things can be stressful, the three girls manage to have a lot of fun in Sr. Mary Delores’s class, which they all agree to be their favorite hour. When asked about any other fun classes, Ast responded with, “We talked about spicy cheez-its in math class!”

St. Francis graduate Braden Charleton is making the transition smoothly, and he thanks his middle school for that. “Having a locker and switching classes in grade school has made it a lot easier for this year,” he said. “The biggest thing I have had to get used to is the new dress code, and making sure I have everything for cross country practice!”

With great power comes great responsibility. Freshmen might not have much power, but they definitely have more responsibility. Ashton McCorry says the biggest change for her has been being more responsible, and being held to higher expectations. Luckily, one of the expectations for freshmen isn’t to make it to all of the correct classes on the first day, “On the first day with all the upperclassmen, I walked into a senior class,” McCorry said. “I thought I was going to my math class, that didn’t happen.”

By: Kylee Mernagh


Wichita Eagle covers BC sports

Bishop Carroll received some nice attention in the Wichita Eagle preseason sports coverage.

Football star Denzel Goolsby talks about his life on and off the field. Click here. And the team’s defense is expected to be perhaps the best in the City League.

Volleyball standout Taylor Bevis deals with Diabetes but still dominates on the volleyball court. Read her story by clicking here.

StuCo discusses Homecoming dress-down days


Last year’s Homecoming Week included Game Board day, and some Hungry Hungry Hippos showed up at BC. StuCo has some creative new ideas for this year’s big week.


Comic Con day and Thrift-shop day were talked about as possible themes for Homecoming Week at the first StuCo meeting of the school year. Other possibilities are Neon day, Bad Hair day, ‘Merica day, Ultimate Fan day, Crazy Hat day, Thrift Shop day, Disney day, Dress to Impress day, and Pajama day.

The administration must approve the final ideas that are presented, StuCo sponsor Abby Johnsen said.

“I like the idea of an ugly sweater day because it would be funny to see everyone in ugly sweaters, and I have a lot of them,” said Olivia Roberts.

Carmen Macias said her favorite is “Comic con, because it has a lot of options to choose from and people can show their personalities through the characters they choose.”


State champ returns as teacher



Austin Woodward helped BC win a state title in baseball. Now he’s back as a teacher.

If you turned back time nine years to 2005, Austin Woodard wouldn’t be teaching a PowerPoint presentation on ancient Middle Eastern civilizations. He was busy savoring a baseball state championship victory in the middle of a team dogpile.

Woodard is the new World History teacher, as well as the JV coach on the baseball team. He attended BC from 2004 to 2007 and played on the baseball team through all of those years. Woodard’s strong work ethic helped him make the varsity team early, and during his sophomore year the baseball team won the state championship.

Although baseball was a main focus of his, Woodard said the best part of his time as a student was the family feel.

“My favorite memory of Bishop Carroll is the friendships I made,” said Woodard.
After graduation, Woodard went on to have a successful collegiate career at Butler County Community College and Troy University in Alabama. Afterwards he went to WSU to get his teaching degree in history. He looks at teaching as a chance to help people through his own life experiences.

“I want to try my best to get kids successful by teaching them what I’ve learned to be successful in life pursuits,” he said.
Varsity baseball coach Charlie Ebright describes Woodard as “down to earth” for those that don’t yet know him. Woodard enjoys following his favorite team, the Royals, as well as golfing and fishing in his spare time.


Yearbooks to be distributed

Yearbook-Flipthrough-(2)By Ashleigh Taylor: The Bishop Carroll yearbooks will be handed out on fifth hour on Friday. The yearbook features a collage of photos on the cover with the theme “It’s about time.” The yearbook staff made an effort to add more pictures to the index, as well as getting more coverage of the students of BC, adviser Tracey Fox said. Fox praised the yearbook. “It looks great! It turned out well.”


Tennis accepts ice-bucket challenge

Tennis girls react to getting water dumped on them for the ice-bucket challenge. Photo by Kenzie Borland

Tennis girls react to getting water dumped on them for the ice-bucket challenge. Photo by Kenzie Borland

Flyer staffer Dylan Albers was on hand to get the reaction of the players:

Nicole Lubbers: “I think it is great because ALS is hitting a lot of people and it is really raising awareness.”

“I didn’t realize they poured the water until the cold blast hit me.”

McKlaine Nichols: “The ice is supposed to make you feel how people with ALS always feel. Not many people know about ALS so it’s good that this challenge is spreading the word.”

Natalie Lubbers: “The ice actually hurt when they poured it on us.”

Breckyn Stevens: “For some reason it felt like marshmallows. It felt weird.”



Band and Choir Update

Rebecca Rauber | Staff Writer

The choir had a great concert on October 7th that included the songs “Legends of Rock” and “Awaken the Music.” Student spirit towards the choir has been raising over the past years.

“I really love how the choir has grown and how students have positive reactions to our songs,” said junior Jordan Smith, a member of the choir. “More people should consider taking choir because it’s a lot more fun than you would think.”

The choir is now moving on towards the Christmas season with a more upbeat theme. This year, they plan to sing catchy, well-known and traditional Christmas songs . heir Christmas Concert will be Monday, December 16th.

The band is in the middle of marching season and their show this year features songs from Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and even Les Miserables.

Art Department Update

Aubrey Burgess | Staff Writer

Carroll, without the passion and expression of its students, would be an empty building, a skeleton in comparison to the grandeur that today shines in every corner, in every crevice. Now, many clubs, sports, and activities play a part in creating the true eagle identity. It is, however, the art class and art club students that brighten up the building with handcrafted masterpieces. It is the Art Department that fills display cases to the brim with imagination, a brief peak at the talent and dedication of Carroll’s art pupils. The winning paintings from the St. Vincent de Paul Art Contest are among these prime pieces currently on display in the Commons.

Always aspiring to further promote school spirit and enthusiasm, the Art Club is already planning a masterpiece on canvas. If plans are approved, the Art Club is going to paint a mural depicting Bishop Carroll’s school mission – “to assist parents in forming disciples of Christ who enrich the culture as stewards of God’s gifts.” Art club students, in a collaborative effort, will co-create the image, with different students focusing on chosen sections of the composition. This conjoined effort will be hung on the blank wall at the end of Senior Hallway.

Looking toward the future, one upcoming event is the Scholastic Art Competition in January. Carroll will send many students’ works of art to vie for the top places hoping to achieve recognition, exhibition, publication and in some cases, scholarships.


Happy Election Day!

Jill Seiler | Staff Writer

Happy Election Day everyone! That’s right, today is election day. Although we don’t have any highly publicized races in Wichita, there are some interesting bills being voted on around the country.

In Washington State, the public is voting to add a GMO label to foods that are genetically modified. People opposed to this idea say it will raise food prices and that GMOs are safe.

New Jersey is seeking to change minimum wage based on the cost of living. This will more than likely raise the minimum wage in New Jersey.

The most interesting proposed bill is probably in Colorado. 11 counties in Colorado are voting to secede. Rural counties in Colorado are voting on whether or not they want to pursue the option of seceding from Colorado and becoming the 51st state in the United States. The rural counties feel their wishes are being ignored by the Democrat-controlled state.

If the residents of those counties vote for the proposition, they won’t necessarily become a new state. The legislature in Colorado would have to approve their secession. After that the Federal Congress would have to allow them into the Union.

This isn’t a completely new idea. Puerto Ricans have had four votes in the last 40 years concerning becoming a state in the union.

I am excited about the idea of witnessing history and seeing a new state enter the Union. However, I don’t think there will be a 51st state any time soon. If you have any comments, reply below!