Maize Game Preview

This week the No. 1 ranked Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles play the Maize High Eagles. The Golden Eagles come soaring into this game at 6-0 after a 56-8 win over Southeast. The Maize Eagles come into this game at 4-2 with a nail biting 42-41 overtime win over the Newton Railers. The main player to watch for on the Maize Eagles is senior quarterback Connor Lungwitz who has thrown for over 1,700 yards this season and in three games thrown for over 300 yards, including a game high of 430 yards against Newton. Lungwitz’s top receivers are Gabe Chavez and Kendall Stewart, who both have over 500 yards receiving this year. This week will also be the return of senior running back Jordan Guerrero who was out with a shoulder injury. Maize’s defense is led by senior free safety Elijah West but has given up over 2,100 yards of offense and 190 points. The Bishop Carroll Gang Green defense, which has only allowed 650 yards and 44 points this season, will be a big challenge to Lungwitz’s arm. The Golden Eagle offense has put up 325 points and gained 2,345 yards, led by Denzel Goolsby, who has 22 touchdowns alone. This should be a good matchup between both offenses and defenses. Prediction: Carroll 61 Maize 14

Written by Kyle Moore

PhotoJ pic of the day!

Rachel KingsleyRachel Kingsley describes her picture, which was taken for Photojournalism class:

“I took the photo in my backyard by the pond an hour or so before sunset. I really like this photo because it draws your eye to the windmill and the way the sky is divided and colored is pretty. Also, because the windmill is the center of interest of the photo, it draws your attention away from the bushes at the bottom of the picture. The photo is taken from a distance and the windmill is tall, so you get a worm’s eye view. I feel like this photo really captures the essence of the nature project.”


Sneak a peak at what the Flyer has to offer

The first Flyer is coming out tomorrow and here are three features I cannot wait for you to see!

  1. Religious apps, page 14. In a world where social media, smartphones, and the Internet have taken over our lives, it’s refreshing to see some locations where you can enhance your faith. Many apps available to smartphone users are secular in development and usage, so check out this list for some faith-inspired alternatives.
  2. Boxing, page 16. When you think of boxing, what immediately comes to mind is probably the image of a man in thick gloves practicing with a punching bag. At least, that’s what I think of. Freshman Kamryn Villa is here to challenge those preconceptions. Turn the page to learn more about the family tradition she’s helped continue.
  3. Are you an Eagle?, page 20. What qualities make up a Bishop Carroll Golden Eagle? Uniforms, green and gold, our athletic teams? Check out this spread to see some unique ideas of what makes a person qualified to call themselves a true Eagle.

by Grace Kelly

Inside The Net

Sophomore Dylan Albers is a defender on the varsity soccer team. He will take you inside the team this season with a weekly diary. Look for it every week.

As there is no hope to get first in city league, there is still a good chance to make state. Now that our forwards have finally started scoring, we have hit our peak of performance and we are continuing to ascend in skill. We went to Emporia to play a cold and rainy game. Everyone was dreading the trip and the cold, but really those bus trips with the team are a blast. It’s good bonding time. The cold was awful though, but the game was hype enough to keep us warm. After scoring 2 goals in the second half, we had confidence, but we have learned not to get too far over our heads. We scored 3 goals in the next half, ending the game 5-0, finally breaking the curse after going into 5 over-time games in a row. Now we prepare for hays. Hays shouldn’t be too much trouble for us, but after that, Rose Hill. After a loss in our very first game, we are out for revenge.

PhotoJ pic of the day: Say cheese, Sammi

Evan Parsons

Evan Parsons discusses her favorite picture from Photojournalism’s nature/outdoor assignment:

I took this picture of my dog on my back deck. My dog’s name is Sammi and I have had her for 10 years. It is my favorite because it captures her characteristics on how she’s playful yet calm. I also like how she is focused in on the picture. The fence is framing her, which makes her stand out more. The lighting of the picture brings out her different shades of brown.

Blue October- Royals Dominating Postseason

It’s been a while -29 years- since the last time the Royals made the playoffs, but our home team has made this amazing season worth the wait. After securing the AL wildcard against the Athletics, the boys in blue began their post-season rampage against the Angels. Led by Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, the Angels had a better regular season record and a lot more home runs than the Royals. This didn’t stop the Royals from defeating Anaheim in a 3 game sweep and moving on to the American League Championship Series. The power numbers are looking good for the Royals as they lead the postseason in doubles, triples, and home runs for the AL contenders. 2 games into the series against the Orioles, the Royals have a major advantage with 2 wins and 0 losses on the road. The Royals are hot right now in nearly every aspect of the game. Not only are the power numbers showing big, the Royals have dominated in stolen bases all season. Even Billy Butler took a base against the Angels! Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas are contributing to the effort big time with 2 home runs off of Hosmer’s bat and 4 from Moustakas. Alex Gordon and Terrance Gore are leading the team in stolen bases with 3 apiece. And not one team can seem to get a hit to drop in the outfield thanks to Lorenzo Cain. Tonight they come back to Kauffman for a couple games. If they win 2 more they will advance into the World Series.

Written by Brett Cass. Photo courtesy of

Royals 1