Photo by Maddi Eck


Photo by Maddi Eck

In an effort to continue tradition, Bishop Carroll held the annual Parents’ Mass on Wednesday. About 150 parents attended this year’s Mass. “The Mass was beautiful and the homily was wonderful,” said Maggie Berning of the Advancement Office. She also mentioned perhaps changing the date of the Parents’ Mass next year in hopes to increase the number of attendees. She believes that more parents would be able to attend if the date was changed so it wasn’t so close to spring break.

Aubrey Burgess, Lara Korte lead journalism to great showing at regionals

Wyatt I. State Picture 2015

Wyatt Iseman snapped this photo of sophomore Cami Zarycki playing with her little brother, 8-year-old Luke. The picture placed third in the Kansas Scholastic Press Association regional journalism contest. Cami and Luke were playing a game of “Airplane,” during which Cami lifted Luke high and he giggled with delight.

The Journalism Department’s strong tradition continued at regional competition as Newspaper students won five individual championships.

Senior Lara Korte, co-editor of the “Flyer” school newspaper, won titles in Feature Writing and Editorial Writing at the Kansas Scholastic Press Association contest. Senior Aubrey Burgess, also co-editor, placed first in Newspaper Design.

Korte and Burgess each placed in four different categories, equaling a school record.

Senior Ashleigh Taylor (Yearbook Copy Writing) and senior Kyle Moore (Sports Photography) also won championships.

Other state qualifiers include Brett Cass (Newspaper Sports Writing, Yearbook Sports Writing), Megan Goetz (Editing), Kaylor Nordhus (Yearbook Copy Writing), Grace Kelly (Cutline Writing), Kenzie Borland (Photo Illustration) and Wyatt Iseman (Student Life Phtography).

All of the students advance to state competition at the University of Kansas in May. Bishop Carroll journalism has won four state championships.

Bockover proud to be a part of ‘something special’


Flyer photo editor Brooklyn Bockover, a senior guard, took this selfie before the victory that sent the girls basketball team to the state tournament.

The taste of victory is oh so sweet!

Since I was a little girl I had been watching Bishop Carroll athletic teams go to the state tournament. As a freshman I watched the chance of going to state slip through our team’s fingers. Now, finally after a five year state tournament drought for Bishop Carroll`s girls basketball teams, I get to be a part of something special.

As a team, we were able to surpass Goddard high school and Andover Central in the sub-state games. Andover Central was ranked as the first seed in our sub-state and that made winning the game that much sweeter. I think that we really came together as a team and played according to our team motto; “play every game like it’s your first game, your last game, and your only game.”

We had the “fight” as Coach Dugan would say. I was so extremely proud of each and every one of my teammates, one being my little sister Whitney who is a sophomore. She played some big minutes, put in two free throws and actually listened to me on the court for once! I remember yelling at her at one point to run the play and she executed it exactly how we were taught in practices. It is really a cool experience being able to play with my sister. We fight at least once every single practice and in games we get onto each other, but mainly because we just want the other to do and be the best we can.

I can always here her cheering me on from the bench and every time we are in a timeout she always has my water bottle in hand to make sure I get a drink first. She`s a true teammate, my best friend and my sister all in one and I love it! During the game against Andover Central, I hit a three pointer from the corner that was a big turning point in the game. Looking over to the bench, I saw everyone jump up and go crazy, I could hear all the fans clapping and whistling for my teammates and me. It made the whole team pick it up on defense and continue to stick it to them on offense by driving to the basket and being more confident in our shots. I can remember assistant coach Gary Cundiff saying to me in a timeout after I hit that three, “It only takes one Brooklyn, good job, keep shooting though! You gotta keep shooting.”

These words are the story of my life though because I get told every game that I need to shoot more shots. That three pointer was the only one I took the whole game, but it was the one we needed to get going on a run.


Sisters Brooklyn and Whitney Bockover celebrate the victory, which sent the team to the state tournament. BC lost its first-round game.

When the clock hit zero, I had to be reminded to go through the line to shake hands, and after that I had to find my sister! I always like to be at the end of the line, and she of course was at the front, so after I bumped into a few teammates who congratulated me with hugs, Whitney went airborne and flew into my arms engulfing me in a hug and excitement. There is honestly nothing better than getting to go through this experience with my sister. It is something that I will remember for the rest of my life, and I’m glad to have a picture to capture the moment.

Coach Steven: ‘So proud of the girls’

The Bishop Carroll girls basketball team defeated Andover Central last Friday night with a score of 46-37 to advance to the state tournament. Flyer staffer Kylee Mernagh interviewed head coach Taylor Dugan about the team’s victory.

Flyer: What did it feel like when the final buzzer sounded and you knew your team had made it to state?
Dugan: I obviously felt excitement, but I was so proud of the girls for playing so hard and for coming back. We were up and then we got down by four points, and the girls just fought the entire time. I was really proud for the girls, especially for the five seniors. The experience of going to state is just the best, so I’m so excited they get to go through that.

Flyer: Did it bring back any memories from when you went to state as a player?
Dugan: Yes, it did and it will. It was such a good game against Andover Central, and winning a tough game against the No. 1 seed like that to go to state just makes it that much better.

Flyer: Tell us about your opponent, Blue Valley Southwest.
Dugan: We’re going to have to play another game against great defense, and be mentally and physically tough. Our defense will have to win the game again just like it did against Andover Central. It’s going to have to be a team effort, everyone plays their own role in our success.

State basketball Q&A

The Bishop Carroll boys basketball team defeated Andover Central 58-50 to advance to the Class 5A state basketball tournament. The boys team will play Kansas City Washington at 4:45 Friday at the Topeka Expocentre. Flyer sports writer Caleb Hudspeth talked with Coach Lonnie Lollar.

Q.What is it like to make it to State after falling short in 2013?

A. “I am very happy. I felt like the boys earned this win and deserved a spot to compete for the state championship. It felt great.”

Q. What was your reaction to the game?

A. “We were all focused on the task at hand, but when that buzzer went off it was a sigh of relief.”

Q. What do you know about your upcoming opponent?

A. “We play Kansas City Washington. They are a tall team with kids ranging from 6-9 to 6-5 and they are very athletic and compare to a tough City League team.”

Q. What are your plans to prepare for the game?

A. “We’re going to fine tune what he have worked on all season. Our biggest thing is to continue to keep (the opponent) off the glass and to add defensive energy to our game.”

Q. During the game what will you need to do to keep up with the height and athleticism of KC Washington?

A. “If our offense is fine-tuned over this week and we keep up with our transition and polish our game up I think we have a good shot at winning and keeping up with their height.”

Tiny Dancer

Wyatt-IWyatt Iseman discusses his best photo from Photo J’s “People at Play assignment”: “My sister Lucy, 7, gets excited as she prepares for her dance performance. I like this picture because it captures Lucy’s energetic and fun-loving personality very well. I enjoyed editing this photo using Photoshop to produce this great black & white image.”

PhotoJ pic of the day!

Maria-Le-fav-picMaria Le discusses a picture she took of a friend’s relative: “Cole, who is the nephew of sophomore Santana Martinez, is a very sweet and funny child. In this picture, he is playing with the string of a balloon. He’s very curious in how things around him work, and often gets into trouble. Even though he’s young, he’s very caring and loves everyone.”

PhotoJ pic of the day!

A-Photo-For--WebsiteNathan Lies on his nice close-up picture for PhotoJ class: “This photo is of senior William Lies using a dermal tool, sanding down a piece of cork for the Science Olympiad. The photo is visually interesting because of the selective focus and action in the photo. I like this photo because it does a good job stopping the motion and shows the detail of work being done.”

Flyer staff member shakes President Obama’s hand on D.C. trip

Flyer junior Elle Clouse, a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council, checked in with the newspaper staff on Monday and reported that she shook the hand of President Obama today while on her trip in Washington, D.C. Clouse wrote the story below before she left on Friday.Elle

During the first semester of my freshman year, my life got a little nudge. It was a normal August day. I sauntered into my first hour class, felt the same hum-drum-back-to-school-on-Monday blues, sat down by the same people and listened for the announcements that always began with a cheerful greeting from Mrs. Harshberger.
In this announcement came a little blurb about a committee called the Mayor’s Youth Council. My attention was immediately hooked. I quickly got as much information I could out of my teacher and then I was on my way. I went through the application process and ensured myself a spot on the council. The Mayor’s Youth Council is ran by the City of Wichita and serves as an organization that encourages youth involvement in the community. Growing up in a family that encourages opinions and celebrates involvement, my desire to actively participate was no surprise to me.
Three years later, I am still a member of the council and I credit my new found love of government involvement to it. Every year, the council selects four of its members (out of 40) to accompany the Mayor of Wichita to Washington D.C., to represent the City of Wichita on a national stage, at the National League of Cities Congressional Conference. This year, after an extensive application process, I was selected. I was overjoyed. On March 6, I boarded a plane to the Nation’s capital to speak on behalf of the youth of Wichita. The conference is not about politics and policies, but about pride in your home and having the desire to learn about other cities as well. Which is something that makes my heart skip a beat.

PhotoJ pic of the day!

dom-to-postDominic Brown discusses this shot of his brother, Julian, who graduated from BC two years ago: “This is my favorite picture because it was taken through my brother’s VW rack. After falling off a 5-0 grind, my brother was going to retrieve his board. All the elements of the photo point to this. Despite his body being hidden, it still shows his expression and the board which he is staring at.”