Flyer opinion: A challenge to the Class of 2016



By Kaylor Nordhus, staff writer/designer

So here we are, seniors. Sitting in the middle of class. Another school day, another school year that could pass us by because of its sheer monotony. Classes, teachers, papers and projects. Day in and day out.

But why? Why should we allow our school days to fall into God-forbidden dullness and repetition? Why should we let the excitement and prestige of being seniors slip into tedium and reverberation? It’s our SENIOR YEAR for goodness sake, and because you only get one of these in your life, you must wake up, you must take hold of it. WAKE UP! Look around you! There’s so many opportunities to make this year truly count, to live out who you’re called to be, to reach your potential at Bishop Carroll.

Start that conversation with your classmate sitting next to you in English. Volunteer to lead that club. Use seniority in any and all circumstances. It’s not about being sick of schedules and school, nor being fed up with everyone. This year isn’t about using senioritis as an excuse.

Truly get to know your teachers and your fellow classmen! After graduation, you won’t see 90 percent of your fellow senior classmates until the class reunions—and who know who will show up to those. May as well get to know as much about your classmates as you can, and who knows? You may establish a friendship this year that may last even after high school.

It’s time to step up now, step out, be a leader, take charge of your senior year; make the little moments count. Be a try-hard, go all out. Do something outside of your comfort zone, be a little crazy.

Seniors I challenge you, as well as myself, to strive to reach your potential this year, make a solid footprint, on Bishop Carroll. After all, hasn’t Carroll made a footprint on you? The timer starts now, for we have only 9 shorts months until the caps fly.

Flyer opinion: Social media — not always harmless



By Maddi Eck, photo editor

Many – nearly all – teenagers have some type of social media account. Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc., teens have a way to stay connected to their friends and acquaintances all day.

To many, social media is harmless and has become a modern pass-time. Some teens use these apps as a way to become famous. For example, people post videos of themselves showing off their talents in hopes that someone important might see it. Some use it to simply keep in touch with friends. In reality, social media is not used only in harmless ways. Some people use social media to put others down, degrade their self-esteem, and embarrass them. For example, if you make someone upset, they might try to get revenge by posting an inappropriate picture of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend in hopes that your boss, coach, or principal will see it. Another example, people are often bullied by others saying hateful things on social media, ruining their self-esteem.

After only a few people re-post these pictures, videos, or posts, the whole world has already seen this awful post. This is a very dangerous thing. Just as someone might sign a record deal because the “right person” saw their video, someone might lose their job simply because the “wrong person” saw a picture on Instagram. Many people don’t see how posting a simple photo could be an issue. This “simple photo” could nearly ruin someone’s life.

Back to School Dance Meets High Expectations

IMG_3346IMG_3414 By Jacy Holbrook, Staff Writer As a new school year kicks off, it brings about festivities that make school a little more bearable. The back to school dance always does a fantastic job at getting the ball rolling while simultaneously raising students’ spirits. I found this year’s back to school dance to be one of the best dances that I’ve attended during my time here at Bishop Carroll. I’ve come to the conclusion that the more you care about how stupid you look while dancing, the less fun you have. This year, I let all my cares go and ended up having more fun than I’ve had in the past when I was worried about what other people would think. The students were filled with energy as they danced and sang to their favorite songs, both recent hits and solid gold oldies. Some of the audience-pleasers were “All Star,” “Super Bass,” “Fight Song,” “Tunak Tunak Tun,” and the ever classic, “Don’t Stop Believing.” There were plenty of creative group names, including my personal favorites, the Jimmy John Juniors and Sophomore Sweethearts, and each of these groups had something to offer to the dance floor. Overall, the 2015 back to school dance was filled with liveliness, dazzling dance moves, and yes, sweat; it proved to be a fun filled night for the students of Bishop Carroll.


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Big decisions loom, but senior wants to soak up the present


By Jordan Schartz, Flyer social media editor

A new school year has started, homework has begun, and sleep is getting minimal. Starting this school year was like any other year; except when I told myself, I’m a senior. When they say these four years will fly by, they weren’t kidding. Just yesterday is seemed like I was walking in the front doors of Carroll, being welcomed by the upperclassmen. I never thought I would actually be the one welcoming the freshmen.

Senior perks keep crossing my mind as I sit in class daydreaming about the future. Sitting front row in the student section, the senior faculty basketball game, getting out of school two weeks early, and all of the other privileges that come with senior year. On the first day of Mr. Barber’s class, he told us that was our first “wake up” of the year. And we only have 167 more “wake ups” to go.

This fall all of us seniors begin college applications, college visits, and we begin to think about what we want the rest of our lives to look like. I know every day college and the future crosses my mind, and to be honest it stresses me out just having the idea in my head. And I feel as if in the midst of all of that, people begin to live in the future, and not take in what all of senior year has to offer.

Most of all the advice I have been given about senior year has been about taking advantage of every opportunity that Bishop Carroll has to offer. Try something new, go to every football game, try out for the play, put yourself out there and show Carroll what you want to be remembered for. College is coming soon, but it isn’t here yet. Live in the present.

Hey, freshmen! Pro tips on thriving at BC

Column by Jacy Holbrook, Flyer staff

As if we couldn’t already tell by the early mornings and overwhelming homework load, school is in session once again!! As a junior, slipping into my school year routine hasn’t been very difficult, but as a freshman, I remember that it proved to be a little stressful. To ease some of the pressure of this year, class of 2019, I present to you my five most helpful pieces of advice for a surefire smooth transition into high school.

1. First and foremost, get involved! I cannot stress this enough, as it is vital to making the most out of high school. Whether it means being a part of a sports team, trying out for a school play, managing a team, or being part of one of our many clubs here at Bishop Carroll; being active in the school is a way to make your mark on Bishop Carroll.

2. Tip number two, and this could save grades so pay attention, is to get your J.-Holbrookework done early. Procrastinating will only create more stress.

3. Number 3, and my personal favorite, is that it’s never uncool to be a genuinely nice person. Being remembered as a kind, happy person is twenty million times better than being remembered as a rude, inconsiderate one.

4. Tip number four is to find a solid group of friends and stick with them. If you don’t feel extremely comfortable around them, they’re not your type. Keeping your favorite people close brings out the best in you and greatly improves life in general.

5. Finally, my fifth tip, and the most important one, is to keep your faith life alive. As a freshman especially, I let my prayer life sink into the background as I focused on school and sports, but a little more prayer here and there would’ve helped immensely. Prayer should be the one aspect of life that precedes all others. I hope this advice serves as a welcome mat for the most recent batch of newbies. Have a great year and welcome to Carroll!!

Emily Demel vows to embrace senior year before roller coaster ride ends

Column by Emily Demel, Flyer staff

Walking in on the first day of freshman year you are bombarded with upperclassmen welcoming you to the wonderful world of high school. You are told the years go by fast, but it is hard to fathom that if you blink all the sudden you’re walking in those doors again foE.-Demelr your last, first day of school.

Well it happened, I blinked. I closed my eyes and here I am, my fourth and final year of this crazy roller coaster ride we call high school. I am overcome with different emotions. I see my best friend so desperate to finish the year and go off to college, but here I am wanting to stay safely in these walls I’ve come to know of as a second home.

I am so thankful for all the memories I’ve made and lessons I have learned. As a freshman I was scared to stand out, speak up or be different. Now I embrace it. I am a nerdy, honors student and so proud of that fact. I am involved all around the school in different activities. I am awkward and different but that is so much a part of what has made my high school career unbelievably fun, it has allowed me to make friends from all groups of our class. And shaped me in ways I thought never were imaginable.

It is so hard to imagine graduation day and leaving this place forever, but this is a reality I must come to accept and in the meantime I am determined to take this year and embrace it. Living for every day and not just the weekend.

Freshmen First Day

Mr. Bitting high fives with students as they welcome back the faculty. Photo by Kenzie Borland.

Auggie Iseman, freshman, joins in the celebration. Photo by Kenzie Borland.

A sea of green and white as the freshman get their guided tours in their beanies. Photo by Kenzie Borland.

The freshman learn the cheers from members of student council and cheerleaders. Photo by Kenzie Borland.

Drum Major Update

Next year’s Drum Majors are:

Anna Caps– Flute, Junior

Madeline Petersen– Clarinet, Senior


Q & A with Father Ben: What will he miss the most?


Fr. Ben says it has been a “wonderful” four years at Bishop Carroll. Photo by Elle Clouse.

Nathan Lies and Wyatt Iseman caught up with Fr. Ben Sawyer to discuss his time at Carroll and new assignment:

Briefly explain your journey to priesthood and how you ended up at BC.
“When I was young, I really didn’t want to become a priest but when I went to the University of Dallas I met young priests and some of my friends were becoming priests so that kinda got to open up my eyes and say wow, maybe God is calling me to be a priest. That desire to serve grew throughout my years of college and I fell in love with our Lord and with our church and I wanted to give myself to the church and so I entered seminary after college. I went to Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary at Emmitsburg, Maryland, and I was assigned after ordination to two years at a parish over at St. Thomas Aquinas. And then I think I remember Bishop Jackels asking me if I would ever be interested in teaching high school and I said absolutely, I love teaching. And so then he assigned me to Bishop Carroll.”

How has being BC’s chaplain impacted your life?
“It has been very beneficial for me in the priesthood to journey with high school students and their families, to be with them in the joyful moments and also when they are struggling. To be able to hand on the faith to them in the classroom, to forgive their sins, to celebrate mass for them, and to give them spiritual guidance when they need it. So I think it has impacted my priesthood because it helped me to become a better priest but it’s been a wonderful four years.”

What are some of your favorite memories and what will you miss most?
“So my favorite memories will include teaching in the classroom, the spring break mission trip to Gallup, New Mexico, the march for life trips, all school mass, and the number of students and teachers that visit me in my office. What I will miss the most is working with other faculty especially the religion department in handing on the faith. I will also miss preaching to the students at mass.”

What was your initial reaction to the Bishop’s new assignment for you? How do you feel about it now?
“I was very excited and I still am excited.”

What exactly will you be doing with this new assignment?
“I begin my Italian studies June 1st for three months and what that will prepare me for is to do advanced theological studies. It’s basically the equivalent of getting a masters. I’ll still be connected to the diocese of Wichita. I will always be a priest of the diocese of Wichita. So my studies will take me away to Rome for two years and then I will return and I will do whatever the bishop asks me to do.”

Do you think Fr. Ben Green will fit in well at Carroll?
“Yeah, I do think that he will fit in very well at Carroll. I went to seminary with Fr. Green for two years and he is a good man and he will fit in well. He will really be able to relate to the students. So yeah, I think the Bishop has left Bishop Carroll in good hands.”

Baseball Road to State

Junior PJay Henning pitching during Fridays intersquad game. Photo by Caleb Hudspeth

Junior PJay Henning pitching during Fridays intersquad game. Photo by Caleb Hudspeth

Because of the recent wet weather, the varsity baseball team held an intersquad against the JV team to prepare for the upcoming tournament. The JV squad is done with its season but is still helping varsity with their goal of state

“This gives them something to work towards and for them to see what it’s like to play against varsity competition and get ready for next year,” said assistant coach Austin Woodard.

The games against Newton and Goddard Eisenhower set for Thursday at West Urban were called off due to field conditions but this didn’t stop Coach Charlie Ebright from getting one last game in before the state tournament.

“Rainouts caused me to want to schedule another game and I thought about playing our JV because of their competition and that the live situations would help us out,” he said.

You may be wondering why the JV would even bother playing the varsity with their season over. This competitive game helps the player on routines and what to expect when trying out next year to fill the open spots on varsity.

“The intersquad game gave us the opportunity to show our talents in front of the varsity coaches and it helps us see where we need to be to fill the open varsity spots next year,” said sophomore Brock Hipp.

This is just one of the many preparations that the varsity squad will participate in while getting ready for another state championship run. After coming up short last year in the tournament taking third, the team look for an improvement from last year.

“We’re trying to see a lot of live pitching and simulate real game situations as well as overview our defense and still get our situational practice,” said coach Ebright

JV ended with a 14-2 record.

Story By: Caleb Hudspeth