Choir tackles harder music, performs well at competition


The choir practices. Music groups did well at their recent competition.

The choir performed in the KSHSAA large group competition, receiving a II or “Excellent” rating. The choir brought 22 soloists, Chanterelles, Madrigals, and concert choir to the festival held at Wichita North High School.

Choirs, ensembles, and soloists are rated on a scale from one (I) to five (V), with judges awarding points to participants based on tone, intonation, expression, diction, rhythmic and note accuracy, balance, blend, and appearance.

Junior Hailey Travnichek reflected on her ensemble’s performance, saying, “I feel really good about our performance, but I think we could have blended a little better and displayed more emotion.”

The Chanterelles and Madrigals ensembles both received I or “Superior” rating, nine soloists received a I or “Superior” rating and 11 soloists received a II or “Excellent” rating. The Chanterelles, Madrigals, and I rated soloists will be travelling to the state festival for soloists and ensembles on April 25 at Emporia High School.

“I felt very good about my performance, but I still feel that I could have done better,” said junior Jessi Exley, who received a I or “Superior” rating on her solo. “I have a few things I need to fix, but luckily I have another chance to perform at the state festival.”

Mrs. Seiler’s hopes for the festival included receiving all I ratings. This year, Seiler selected harder music for the competition than she has in previous years. Her goals for the choir were met when they learned the new, more difficult music. Seiler felt that the choir sang the harder literature quite well at the festival.

“The choir definitely exceeded my expectations with their performance,” said Seiler. “There were some ups and downs for some of the soloists with hard judges, but every member of the choir sang to the best of their abilities.”

P.E. girls try out a ‘cool, different sport’


for-web-girlsPhotoJ student Natalie Leonard visited P.E. for her Classroom Spotlight assignment:

I went to the freshmen girls P.E. class. The teacher in this class is Mrs. Lager. This past week, the class was partaking in an exciting game of Ultimate Frisbee. It was entertaining to watch the girls as they all competed for the Frisbee with an enormous amount of energy. The class and this activity provided lots of opportunities to take very lively photos of great action shots. Shayne Hauserman says that what she likes best about P.E. class is that, “The girls are so great and we work well together.” When asked what she enjoyed about the current activity in the class, Hannah Schartz said, “I think it is a good, fun exercise that keeps us healthy.” Mrs. Lager says that this is the first year playing Ultimate Frisbee for the freshmen, she says she likes it because, “It is a lifetime sport that is not traditional one. It’s a cool, different sport that they can play forever.”

Graduation Countdown: Racine, Dugan made impact on Brooklyn Bockover


Flyer seniors share their thoughts about graduation and their time at Bishop Carroll. Today, Brooklyn Bockover.

As I look ahead to graduation I think about all the memories that I have had here at as a student.

I look back to my very first day as an incoming freshman and remember some of the student council representatives cheering us on into the doors. It was very intimidating and embarrassing walking through a tunnel of upperclassmen yelling and cheering, but looking back on it now, I think it was a really awesome experience because they made school seem like it was going to be a fun thing at Bishop Carroll.

Another really great experience of my high school career that has helped me in becoming the person I am today was having to transition from having Coach Racine as a basketball instructor to having Coach Dugan (Steven). I know people have their opinions about Mr. Racine, but I think he made me a tougher basketball player and person in general. I also really enjoyed my last three years of high school being coached by Mrs. Dugan. I think she set a leading example of what it takes to get to the next level if that’s what we really want. Being able to grow up and watch Taylor play in high school at Bishop Carroll and then seeing her play at WSU gave me something to shoot for.

Now looking back I am seeing how far I have come since being a “little freshman” to a “big bad senior.” I am thankful for all the people who have helped me become the person I am today, including my family, friends, teammates, coaches, teachers, and classmates. I honestly cannot wait to see what is to come as I continue on to Kansas City Community College on a basketball scholarship. I know that I will make new memories there with new teammates, friends, teachers, and classmates, but I will always remember the times I spent at Bishop Carroll and the memories that accompanied those times.

Ultimate Frisbee gets girls P.E. class moving

for web (2)PhotoJ student Wyatt Iseman visited girls P.E. class for his Classroom Spotlight.

The freshman girls were enjoying their second hour by being introduced to the game of ultimate frisbee. First, Mrs. Lager instructed the girls on how to throw, catch, and hold the frisbee. Then, the girls were put into teams that competed against each other in ultimate frisbee matches.

Shayne Hauserman said, “I just love how ultimate frisbee is fun and gets us moving. It also teaches great skills, like teamwork.”

Hannah Schartz explained why she likes PE class, “ It is a nice opportunity for activity, bonding with peers, and learning about how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

When asked about ultimate frisbee, Mrs. Lager said, “This is the first year I have done it with the freshman. I enjoy ultimate frisbee because it is a lifetime sport that is not traditional, but instead is very unique.”

for web

Mrs. Lager explains the finer points of ultimate frisbee.

Diepenbrock’s class project gives students real-world experience

rach 2

Mona Martin, a human resources director, conducts mock interviews for Mrs. Diepenbrock’s senior English classes.

By Maddi Eck

The idea of being interviewed is scary even to some adults. However, senior English Mrs. Diepenbrock tries to ease the stress by setting up a mock interview for each of her students.

The students chose a job or career they would like to pursue and prepared possible answers and questions for their employer. Their unknown “boss” then came to Bishop Carroll to hold mock job interviews. Mrs. Diepenbrock holds mock interviews in hopes to better prepare her students before they leave high school and begin having many job interviews.

“I want to give students basic skills (that they will need in the future). I also want them to know what to expect (in a real interview),” said Mrs. Diepenbrock.
Senior Rachel Schwindt claims that it was a stressful but beneficial experience. “It was not as bad as I thought it would be,” she stated. Though it is stressful, she thinks it will be beneficial in the future.

Erin Pascal agrees with Schwindt, “It was helpful, but not enjoyable.” She admits that she was nervous but liked how the mock interview was more “professional” because they were being interviewed by someone they didn’t know. Kolbe Peloquin added that they were given constructive criticism that was very helpful even though the process was nerve-racking.

Graduation Countdown: Ashleigh Taylor shares what she’ll miss most


Flyer senior Ashleigh Taylor (far left) says she will miss her friends most after she graduates.

Flyer seniors are sharing their thoughts as they approach graduation. Today, Ashleigh Taylor:

#5: The Student Section: For someone who was barely in the student section at any home games, I absolutely loved it. Starting out as a cheerleader and moving over to dance team, I was either out on the sidelines or on the field/court at halftime performing. I loved the student section because they got involved with the cheers, or cheered us on as we danced. The student section is known for being super supportive of our team, especially the creativity that came with playing Kapaun.

#4: The Classroom: I am an average student, which means school neither comes easy to me, nor incredibly difficult. I would say this is because I had teachers who took the time to make sure the classwork was doable, but not too easy to make me wonder why we were doing the work at all. It also helped that everyone in the classroom, was willing to work together to get the homework done… and right.

#3: Uniforms: I used to complain about uniforms when I was younger. When I entered high school, I became appreciative of not having to choose what I had to wear to school every day. This will become difficult when I enter college.

#2: Faith Life: It is incredible how I had the opportunity to practice my faith and go to school at the same time. Public schools do not offer that, and I feel as though the atmosphere in the school was a lot more like a family because we all practice the same religion. Again, this will become extremely difficult in college, because I will be around many people of different religious backgrounds. But I am so fortunate to have obtained good Christian morality and I believe going to Catholic schools helped put a good head on my shoulders for the future.

#1: Friends: I would be nowhere without the friends I made in high school. I am even going off to college with one of my best friends. The friendships I made will last me a lifetime because we helped each other make it through high school. These are the people I will hopefully have in my life until I grow old and I could not be any more grateful for their presence in my life.

More Flyer prom reviews: ‘You can’t wipe the smile off your face!’


Flyer staffer Elle Clouse says prom exceeded her expectations.

Elle Clouse: Every milestone in high school comes with a certain amount of expectations and hype. Between game nights, Homecoming, and graduation, you’re sure to spend a few nights with nervous butterflies in your stomach. Prom night is no exception.On the day of prom you wake up much easier than any other Saturday morning. I know I didn’t even need my alarm. The day is filled with hustling and bustling, but you can’t wipe the smile off your face. Then the magical night comes, and you and your date get to dance the night away. The hype is over, and the expectations, if you’re lucky like I was, have been exceeded.

Megan Goetz: When I think about it, prom really just flew by. It still hasn’t registered that it is over. While I thought prom was fun, it probably could have been a little better. The DJs really didn’t play that great of music and there really wasn’t that much decorations. Even though the music wasn’t the best, I still made prom a lot of fun especially since it was my last ever dance at Carroll.
I got to after prom before a lot of people did. That was probably a good thing because I was able to get in lines before the crowd showed up. I was able to win more money than I did last year but there was not enough to do to keep the after prom goers busy.

Kenzie Borland: This year, I was extremely excited for prom. I loved the theme, and I was so excited to see all the things that our StuCo did. I think it lived up to my high expectations, as well. The music was better than usual dances. The energy was unreal, and everyone was just living it up and having a blast. As for my prom, I had a blast, despite being sick. After prom was a little too hyped up. I didn’t have that much fun as I think I could have. After prom ends at 2:30 a.m. but they closed down all the activities by 2. A lot of people seemed disappointed because they didn’t have time to get everything done because they thought they would have an extra 30 minutes.Overall, I was excited to be at prom and I had a blast. I can feel myself already counting down till next year!

Kylee Mernagh: P stands for people. There were a ton of people at prom. I think over 500 students attended, which is awesome. It was so fun to see all of our classmates dressed to the nines for an evening. R stands for rain. Prom might’ve turned out a wee bit damp, but someone handed us an umbrella when we were standing in line to get in, so it was all good. O stands for cOleman nOrdhus because he was the prom king!!! Coleman is personally one of my favorite people ever. He is an avid tandem bike rider and an above average swing dancer. M stands for munchies because did you see the snack table at prom? It was one of the amazing things that our prom coordinators, Shelbie Stuckey and Kylie Keahey, did for everyone! If you happen to see either of the girls in the hall, make sure to thank them for the countless hours they put in to make everyone’s night possible.

Maddi Eck: To begin “the night of nights,” I got my nails done. I was so glad they turned out exactly how I wanted them to! Then I went to my hair appointment. Again, it turned out perfectly. I was complimented so many times on my hair and nails. After mass and dinner, we arrived at the Cotillion. We found our friends and danced the night away. The dance was so much fun. It couldn’t have been better! After the dance was over, we headed to after prom. After prom was also very fun. The inflatables, the casino, the food, and the games was a great way to end the night. I couldn’t have asked for a better night!

Megan Gerken: In my opinion, this year’s prom was a major success. Most of the music was really easy to dance to, even for someone like myself who could not dance to save her life. The photo booth also looked really nice and I think that even though most of the seniors thought the theme “Fire and Ice” was a little sub-par, the juniors expounded upon it very well. After Prom on the other hand…was just average. When I entered the gym, everything was quiet. I was thinking, come on! Have some music playing or something! It was pretty much silent and a little awkward at first, but once more people showed up, it got slightly more interesting. Don’t get me wrong, After Prom was fun and there were lots of things that I liked about it, including the bouncy houses and the money machine. My favorite game was probably Trivia, but that’s just because I’m kind of nerdy. Overall, After Prom was all right, but it could have been much better!

Rebecca Rauber: The execution of after prom this year seemed to match the dreary weather. Most of the games ran out of prizes by 1:30 a.m. Also, the photo booths and caricature artist both packed up around 1:30. What were we all supposed to do for the next hour? Staying until 2:30 with nothing to do got quite boring. When they read off the grand prize winners at the end of the night you can’t hear at all. The games were fun while they lasted. The highlights were Just Dance on a big screen and the jousting ring. Racing your date through the bounce house caused tons of laughter. The Minute to Win it games were another fun way to get the rivalries going and win a few bucks. The food was much needed after dancing all night at prom. After prom seemed to be a letdown after burning up the dance floor at the Cotillion.

Flyer reviews of Prom 2015: “Rain, fancy dresses and lots of laughter!”


Seniors strike a pose before Prom 2015. From left: Emily Schoenfeld, Makinna Lee, Aspen Lungwitz, Megan Gerken and Ashleigh Taylor.

Ashleigh Taylor: When the last note of “Don’t Stop Believing” echoed throughout the Cotillion, I knew that this year’s prom was the best. Granted, I have only been to two proms in my high school career, but I can assure everyone that my senior prom was one for the books. However, After Prom was not as fun as last year because it seemed like there were not as many things to participate in. But I won more money than last year so that made After Prom fun for me. Despite the rain, Prom was very exciting, memorable, and I tore up the dance floor with the best friends I could ever ask for!

Grace Kelly: Prom night. It’s what every teenage girl dreams about come her junior and senior years of high school. The perfect dress, perfect hair, perfect makeup… perfect everything with absolutely nothing to worry about. Hopefully. My day-of-prom schedule was a bit hectic, beginning with prom setup at the Cotillion, bright and early at 9:45 a.m. to spend three hours taping red paper to a wall. The rest of the day was a blur with hair and makeup appointments following. My group and I attended 5 p.m. Mass and, after a Chick-Fil-A dinner and a strangely calm party bus ride, we arrived at prom. I knew almost none of the music, but I ignored that and just enjoyed myself. I had a great time with my date and the rest of my group and I’m definitely not going to forget my junior prom as it was, to quote High School Musical 3, “a night to remember.”

Katie Helten: With senior year coming to a close and trying to keep up with my crazy busy schedule, I feel like my senior prom came out of nowhere and all of a sudden it was time to get ready. I think prom this year went by so much faster than last year, probably because I knew what to expect, and before I knew it I was at home in bed wondering where the entire evening went. Although I know the music is never going to impress everyone, I think it was especially bad this year because they played lots of songs that were just difficult to dance to and not getting anyone pumped up. After prom was not as exciting as last year and I did not get the chance to do everything I wanted to because they started shutting down pretty early, but it was still a lot of fun. Even though it wasn’t all I was expecting, overall, I had a really great night and wouldn’t trade it for anything.


“This year’s prom lived up to all my expectations,” Brooklyn Bockover says.

Brooklyn Bockover: I could not have been any more excited for prom this year! I had a dress that I was in love with, a perfect date that respected me and all the things I put him through with prom preparations, and I felt better than ever! This year’s prom lived up to all of my expectations and I had a blast. Even though I heard some people complaining that they didn’t really like the music, you have to just dance and be crazy the whole time to make it fun. It could have been completely silent with no music and I still think it would have been entertained because if you have a date that is willing to dance, you can’t not have a great time!

liz's photo

Elizabeth Hybl, Brayden Peppard and Kelly Wapplehorst before prom.

Elizabeth Hybl: This year’s after prom was the only bust (if there had to be one) on prom night. I walked away with the grand winnings of a whole $2. Granted, I’m not the best at most of the games that were offered but still… $2 is pretty low. The games and events offered at after prom were great! Minute to win it was my favorite because the event you did changed every time. After prom also consisted of easy events for people who were worn out from the dance, like bingo and ping pong. All together after prom was great but the prizes could have been increased, or more spread out among the students.

Kaylor Nordhus: The BC Fire and Ice Prom’s delightful, enchanting spirit was nowhere close to being dampened by Mother Nature’s choice of weather conditions. Sure, there was pouring rain. Yes, thunder and lightning. Of course, there was puddles. But did anyone really care? Not my group. We began taking pictures after church, and we finished and made it inside the clubhouse before the rain hit us, thank goodness. We amiably ate our three-course meal sitting around a table adorned with floating candles and rolls of burlap, while outside the thunder shook and the rain poured. The whole night could be summed up with the scene of our group walking from our cars into Prom: everyone dressed to the nines, the girls holding up their dresses above puddles and our dates urgently holding up umbrellas; all while laughing, shouting and smiling on our way inside the place where we danced the night away. Rain, fancy dresses and lots of laughter. Absolute success.

Kyle Moore: As a senior I have now been to two Bishop Carroll proms. In my opinion, each year had its own strengths and weaknesses. To me, the 2014 prom with the Black Tie Affair theme was not as good of a prom itself, but the after prom was very good in the way it was put together, set up and the prizes. This year’s prom with the fire and ice theme was much better in my opinion. The dance had better music, was very well set up, and despite the rain, was a very fun dance. The after prom though was not so hot. There weren’t very many prizes or that good of prizes, the casino area closed early, the games weren’t very fun or entertaining, and nobody could hear anything once they started to announce the very few prize winners. To me, last year’s after prom was better than this year but this year’s dance part was better than last year.

Lydia Crownover: My Prom day started off with eating from a fast food restaurant. Most girls abstain from eating the day of because they are worried of their figure; therefore I had to eat all day, because I’m obviously such a hipster. After lunch, I went to one of my friend’s house to begin the process of being prom ready. I accomplished my hair, my makeup, and finally attempted to put on fake nails for the first time ever. I got into my prom dress, stepped into my 5 and a half inch heels, got ready for pictures. After pictures, we went to our prom group’s mass and dinner at SFA. I stepped into Claire Hall and I felt like I was transported into a fairytale world. We went to the Cotillion and were amazed with how the theme ‘Fire and Ice’ was portrayed. We immediately started to dance and never stopped dancing. The music finished and we were ready to keep the party going at after prom. We were disappointed in how after prom turned out. We were expecting so much more. My friends and I ended up sitting in the band hallway and eating ice cream the whole night, or more like morning. Though, disappointed with after prom, I had a magical night and to respectively quote High School Musical 3, “It was a night to remember.”



Hogan’s homer, Knoblauch’s pitching help softball to sweep of Maize South


The softball team celebrates after Brianna Hogan’s homer, which drive in Kelby Stalnaker (wearing No. 4), in a doubleheader sweep of Mazie South. Stalnaker was a courtesy runner for star catcher Lauren Buchanan, who reached on a fielder’s choice.

Emily Demel, Flyer staff writer

A flash of softball players dressed in green and black rushed out to the field, a calm look on all faces as they took their positions. Carroll had just beaten Maize South in the first of two games on Thursday, but it was a narrow defeat. Winning only by 3-0 came as a shock to fans, considering Carroll’s reputation for dominance. Despite their close call in the first game, the girls were ready to battle again and continue their undefeated streak.

Sammy Knoblauch takes the mound and throws her first pitch, and the struggle for victory will begin again. The girls are ready for Maize South this time around and easily throw the first three out. It is time to get their bats going.

Brittney Finney leads off. Considering her record for home runs it comes as no surprise that the Maize South pitcher, Kerrigan Dixon, does not give her a chance to hit. Four balls in a row and Finney is taking the jog down to first. Next up to bat is Meghan Gutierrez. A slapper from the left side, she hits a solid ball over the second baseman’s head letting Finney advance to second. Finney continues to advance and a ball past the catcher lets her get home. Another run scores, allowing the scoreboard to read 2-0 after the first inning.

The girls continue to shut out Maize South’s offense, hardly allowing anyone to see first base, let alone get all the way around.

A big confidence boost took place in the third inning. Brianna Hogan slams the ball out of the park with one girl already on base, making the score jump up to 4-0. The team continued to play well, scoring runs every inning and only allowing Maize South to score twice.

In the fifth inning, two more runs were knocked in, taking the score to 11-2. In softball if you are up by 10 after the fifth inning the game is called. BC needed one more run to score and with Madi Miller up to bat it was looking pretty good for Carroll. She hit a fly ball to deep right allowing Kelby Stalnaker to tag third and sprint home. Shouts of victory filled the air from the third base dugout. Carroll had done it once again.

Knoblauch pitched a great game, allowing only two runs to score. She acknowledged the necessity of her team behind her when she said, “It felt good to pitch a good game and have a great defense behind me.”

Chrissy Peppard is the assistant coach to the team and had nothing but rave reviews of the game and, in particular, the seniors. She said, “What I love about our seniors is the discipline they show. No matter what, they take care of business. They are good leaders and set great examples for the younger girls on the team.”

Said Callie Jo Gowing, “The first game our hits were not falling, but the second game we had a good energy and came through with a better win.”


Track gears up for big meet


Kyle Demel participates in the long jump. The track team competes at Valley Center today. Photo by Kaylor Nordhus.

By Kaylor Nordhus, Flyer staff writer

You can be sure the track and field team will bring its A game to today’s meet.

Valley Center is the third varsity meet of the season, and the Bishop Carroll track and field team is bringing their top four individuals in each event, in addition to the top four fastest athletes running in the respective relays: the 4×100 meter, the 4×400 meter and the 4×800 meter.

For the boys’ 4×800 meter relay team, Valley Center is another shot at proving their overall time, and a chance for some new athletes on the relay to step up. Last week, at Pre-state, the four boys that ran it were Caleb Benifel, Logan Albers, Jacob Hesse and Paul Becker. At Valley Center however, there will be a change-up in who’s running in the relay.

“The only one who’s staying on the relay that ran at Pre-state is Jacob Hesse,” Coach Cory Swords said. The other three athletes are running in open events, or, in Paul Becker’s case, at KU relays. “The goal for the new group (Friday) is to run a sub 8:30 time,” said Swords.

The athletes running in it are Seth Arnold, Jason Irwin, Jacob Hesse and Brett Martin.
Another name to look out for at Valley Center is on the Carroll jumping squad. Kyle Demel, a junior, placed first in high-jump, fifth in long jump, and fourth in triple jump at Pre-state last week. He is expected to compete well this Friday at Valley Center with the jumps he cranked out at Pre-state.

“I hope to make a PR in at least one of my jumping events,” said Demel, “probably long jump.”

Demel is also a part of the 4×100 meter relay as the second leg. His other teammates running the 4×100 include Joseph Holthusen, Will Honas and Josh Hornback.
From the girls side of things, the 4×100 meter relay is expected to compete well at Valley Center. The relay is composed of juniors Kylee Mernagh, Daesha Howard, Kaylor Nordhus and freshman Heidi Asmussen.

“We ran a low 52 (seconds) last week at pre-state and hope to further decrease our time at Valley Center. We changed the order up a bit so hopefully moving things around will give us an opportunity to decrease our time,” said Mernagh.

“We are looking to break the school record by the end of the season, that being a low 50 seconds,” said Coach Chris Jaax.

Girls C team soccer makes most of playing on turf field


Julia Neises battles for the ball in the C team soccer victory over East. Photo by Elle Clouse.

By Jordan Schartz, Flyer staff writer

When the C team girls’ soccer game on April 8 got postponed until Wednesday, the team was upset — until the players got the word that they would get the chance to play on the turf, which is usually reserved for varsity games.

The excitement continued throughout the game for Bishop Carroll, which beat East 9-0.
The game started off slow, with neither team scoring in the first ten minutes of the first half. Then around the 10-minute mark, Emily Demel ran down the field with the ball, passed the ball to Karen Valenciana, and Karen passed it right back. Demel took a couple dribbles and shot the ball into the net, scoring the team first goal. This got the team going. Soon after the Eagles started scoring continually.

“I knew someone needed to get the team going, so I stepped up and went after it,” Demel said.
The team kept going in the second half, scoring six more goals. Meagan Lawrence and Lauren Cruzeiro each had two goals.

“I had a blast playing, especially on the turf,” Riley Schmidt said. “It was great to go out there with nothing to lose and just have fun playing.”
The team now has a 4-0 record and will take on Northwest next Wednesday.


Donuts & Dancing: Students learn new moves for Prom


Shelbie Stuckie works with instructor Brad Victory at Donuts & Dancing on Wednesday morning. Photo by Morgan Werth

by Morgan Werth, Flyer staff writer

About 50 prom goers joined dance instructor Brad Victory on Wednesday morning in the Cave to learn some new moves before the weekend’s events. The 45 minute lesson focused on simple swing and ballroom dance, which was followed by a feast of 20 dozen donuts.

After the couples made it through the first few minutes, the awkward air had passed and the enthusiasm had stepped in. “I enjoyed seeing the students laughing and smiling but also taking it seriously,” Principal Vanessa Harshberger said.

The Cave floor was occupied with guys twirling gals and occasionally stopping to listen to Victory, who made his way around the students, guiding them step-by-step and teaching more complex moves as the lesson went on. When prom coordinator Shelbie Stuckey was asked what sparked the idea of Donuts & Dancing, she explained that it was a tradition at Bishop Carroll about 10 years ago and she thought it would be a fun idea to bring back.

“I think it really got everyone excited for prom and we all learned some new moves!” Stuckey said.

Harshberger was thrilled when this idea was proposed and is already hearing about how it could be improved next year. It is estimated that at least 50 students took advantage of the dance lesson during late start, which far exceeded what many had expected. Harshberger was not only impressed with the number but the diversity of students that participated. She could see improvement among several couples and the skill that some had already possessed.
“It was so much fun to spend my morning dancing; I didn’t even feel like I had missed out on sleeping in,” junior Zack Wright said.

Dancing & Donut’s success was obvious when students walked the halls with donuts in hand and slightly breathless. The Cotillion dance floor will be a little more in sync thanks to Brad Victory helping brush up the student body’s moves.