Thoughts on the big game …

Journalism students share their views on the Holy War:

The “Holy War” is upon us once again and fans are getting geared up to cheer on their green and gold tonight at Cessna Stadium. Being the only two Catholic schools in Wichita, the intense rivalry between Kapaun and Carroll has brought excitement and pride to everyone in the Bishop Carroll and Kapaun Mt. Carmel communities for years. Students and fans are known for going all out in support for their team every year. Blackouts, whiteouts, numerous signs, chants, and baby powder clouds have all been a part of the fans festivities in the past. The past 15 years have been full of great wins for Bishop Carroll, sometimes cutting it close, and sometimes shutting Kapaun out completely. Whatever the score turns out to be this evening, it can be assumed that the atmosphere in the stands will be loud and proud. Katelyn Miranowski

The Holy War rivalry is always one of the best games of the season. I’m sure Coach Alan Schuckman would love a win on his 50th birthday. Addison Bright

This is the game all of the students, parents, and all of Wichita wait for. I think the score of the game will be 31-3 Carroll. Blake Kretchmar

Kapaun has never been able to stop Carroll’s offense, and I don’t expect them to now. While both teams have the motive, Carroll has the skill. I predict Carroll to win by a landslide, 48-0. Christina Leland

Every year we come together as a school when it comes to this Holy War. Carroll students that usually don’t go to football games clear their schedules or even take off work for this special night every year. Even though we have beat Kapaun for 15 straight years, we have just as much spirit as we would if it was a nail biting game. Kapaun’s team is 1-1, where we are 2-0 & ranked first in the 5A class & fourth overall. I predict tonight’s game to be a blow out, 43-14.  Elisabeth Aikin

No doubt the BC v. KMC game tonight is on the minds of the entire BC community right now. As the only two Catholic high schools in the area, BC and KMC have always had a rivalry over which is the better one. Winning the game tonight is important to everyone here at BC because our winning streak of 15 years has become something like a tradition. Kapaun hasn’t won a game since 1999, and it’s important to Carroll to keep it that way. There’s no question that KMC will be out for blood tonight to quench their losing streak, but I predict Carroll will show them their place with a score of around 42-14, Carroll. Jace Hilger

If you plan on attending the game, (you’d better be) then you can expect a very intense, strategic game. BC 31, KMC 28. Jacob Buresh

The Bishop Carroll vs. Kapaun football game tonight is going to be pretty big. I honestly think we’ve got this one in the bag, again. Obviously, we have quite the streak going against Kapaun, and like I said before, I doubt it will end tonight. It’s been about 15 years ago since we last lost to Kapaun. The score of that games was 34-8. I’d probably say that our offense tonight will pull the steamroll maneuver while our defense does the same. Jordan Haffner

It has kind of become a “tradition” to defeat Kapaun annually, and they threaten that every year, which only motivates our drive to add another consecutive win against them. Phillip Hoang

Bishop Carroll and Kapaun are huge rivals in football. The rivalry between the sister schools is important to students and graduates of both high schools. Bishop Carroll fans really want to see a win tonight, but so does Kapaun, which hasn’t broken BC’s winning streak in a long while. Carroll’s huge streak hasn’t been broken for fifteen games, since 1999. I think it’s safe to say that Bishop Carroll is expected to win tonight. Suzanne Howey

Friends, family, faculty, staff, and everybody like to come together to watch the game and cheer on their team.BC 32-17 Taylor Legleiter

Carroll, ranked No. 1 in Class 5A, should easily handle the Crusaders in this game. Carroll’s spread offense was been difficult to stop much less slowdown in its first two games. Carroll’s offense has combined for 99 points in its first two games. The defense for Carroll is also exceptional, only allowing 14 points combined in its first two games. Carroll also held East’s Quarterback Dominic Web to just 13 yards passing and -13 yards rushing. The week before, Web passed 323 yards and ran for 71 yards against the Kapaun defense. This is why the Eagle defense will keep Brock Monty, the Kapaun quarterback, in check. And the offense will have no trouble moving the ball and scoring points. This game is also important to the Carroll community as two Catholic schools playing against each other in a rivalry really brings the community together. Zach Wright

BC vs KMC Predictions

Flyer sports writers break down the big game.

Brett Cass: Bishop Carroll football has honestly turned the act of beating rival Kapaun into a tradition — one that has been kept up for 15 years. Last year may have been Kapaun’s best chance to win the game. All over Wichita, the local news crews had picked Kapaun to win. BC won 42-10. Kapaun is currently 1-1 with a win against East and a loss to Northwest. If Kapaun is going to put up a fight, it will have to get through Bishop Carroll’s Gang Green Defense, and for Kapaun juniors Brock Monty (QB) and Alexander Norris (RB) that will be an overwhelming task. Kapaun’s defense gave up nearly five times the amount of yards that Carroll’s did against East — 400-88 on total yards. And so far this year Carroll’s offense has been unstoppable, scoring 99 points in only two games. KMC: 13 Bishop Carroll: 49

Caleb Hudspeth: After watching the Gang Green Defense dominate the offense of the East high Aces, I believe that defense might have some struggle headed for them in this matchup. Our offense will play with some ease as the defensive line and linebackers for Kapaun show weakness as its defense gave up over 450 yards of offense against the Northwest Grizzlies. The passing and running game seem to be all Kapaun had going for it during the last matchup. With the strength of the Bishop Carroll defense and the speed and versatility of the offense, this should be a great matchup between these two Catholic high schools. Prediction: BC 55 KMC 14

Kyle Moore: Due to last week’s stats and last year’s score I believe that Carroll will beat Kapaun. Carroll’s Gang Green Defense held East High to 88 total yards while Kapaun gave up over 400 to the Aces. The defense has also only allowed 14 points this season while the Crusader defense has allowed 66 points this season. Bishop Carroll also has put up 99 points in the past two games while the Crusaders have only put 66 points on the score board. The size of the Crusader offensive line will prove to be a challenge for the Golden Eagle defense but I believe that the Eagles will be able to contain junior quarterback Brock Monty very well. Prediction: BC 48, KMC 7


Inside the Locker Room with Caleb and Kyle

Football players Caleb Hudspeth and Kyle Moore take you behind the scenes of the varsity team. Look for their insights every week.

Since the game was part of the 50th anniversary celebration, Coach Alan Schuckman wanted to do something to remember the past players of Carroll. So what does he do? He brings the alumni into the locker room with us before the game and has them come out onto the field. Among the approximately 30 alumni that were in the locker room, included were Mike Bell, Zeke Palmer, and Bryce Barrientos. None of the alumni were able to say anything to the players because of being short on time. The game against East High started off with a bang, having the offense score on the first drive. The gang green defense shut down quarterback Dominic Webb, who had 400 yards of offense against Kapaun. Webb finished the game with 13 yards passing and -13 yards for a total of 0 yards. At halftime, the coaches didn’t talk to the offense or defense individually but before going back out to the field told the second and third teams to keep the tempo up and keep the shutout going. After the game, Coach Schuckman gave his normal speech that said, “Great job during the game. I’m proud of our gold and eagle teams for keeping the tempo up when they went in and the defense for not giving up the shut out. But now it’s time to focus in on Kapaun and get ready for an intense week of practice. Now have fun tonight but don’t do anything that would embarrass this team, your family, this community or yourself. Practice tomorrow is at 8:45. Monday we start rabbit season!”

PhotoJ pic of the day


Julianne Martin Picture

Photography class recently finished its first assignment — nature and outdoor photography. One of Julianne Martin’s favorite shots is shown here. Check back to see other students’ pictures.

I took the picture behind my house in South Wichita. Our house backs up to a field and pond. It was taken at around 7:40 p.m. I had my camera on manual settings when I took the picture. I really like the contrast of the lights and darks. The colors really pop and it has a big color palate.


Inside The Net

Sophomore Dylan Albers is a defender on the varsity soccer team. He will take you inside the team this season with a weekly diary. Look for it every Wednesday

The BC soccer team has made history as we beat Maize High for the first time ever. Not only did we come out victorious, but we did it on their home field. This victory proved that we are capable of being the top team. But we must’ve been a little too over our heads because we lost to East the next day 5-1. We didn’t hang our heads though, and now we face against west. The practice after the East game was very easy and actually very fun considering our humiliating defeat. We played a game called world cup which is super fun and playing that game during practice is highly unusual. Maybe coach wanted us to get over our defeat and be ready for West. If that is what he wanted, it worked, and now we are ready.

PhotoJ pic of the day

Photography class recently finished its first assignment — nature and outdoor photography. One of Dorothy Mies’ favorite shots is shown here. Check back to see other students’ pictures. Nature-PicMies says of the photo: “I was at my grandpa’s farm when I took this picture. The sun was starting to go down, and the trees created enough of a shadow to turn the windmill into a silhouette. My dad actually pointed out the windmill, so I got in the right position to take the picture.”

480 pizzas = student happiness


Students were treated to free pizza, cake and ice cream as part of the school’s 50th anniversary celebration. Photo by Kenzie Borland

By Grace Kelly, Flyer staff

In accordance with the celebration of Bishop Carroll’s 50th anniversary, students were surprised at the beginning of the week with the announcement of free pizza, cake, and ice cream for Friday’s lunch.

Many students took advantage of the opportunity and helped themselves to up to three pieces of pizza, in addition to vanilla or chocolate cake, and ice cream.

Other students brought a sack lunch, citing reasons such as not wanting to wait in line or food allergies.

When asked how the pizza was paid for, Karen Gomez of the advancement office said the BCPO Activities and Athletics organizations both donated money to pay for the pizza.

Three Pizza Hut stores provided Bishop Carroll with a total of 480 pizzas: 160 pizzas per store per lunch.

Sophomore Cami Zarycki said the free lunch was “pretty cool.”

“This is the most fabulous gift to come upon the student body of Bishop Carroll,” junior Brooke Best said.


Inside the Net

Sophomore Dylan Albers is a defender on the varsity soccer team. He will take you inside the team this season with a weekly diary. Look for it every Wednesday.

Starting off the season with a loss in the tournament you were supposed to win would kind of put you down, wouldn’t it? Well after the loss to Rose Hill, we didn’t hang our heads and just give up, no. It put a fire in our hearts. The next practice, we worked hard. We knew what it would take to bring our minds back into the game. The mentality needed to win is major. One goal can cause a team to give up. That’s what happened during the Rose Hill game. We now know that we cannot afford to hang our heads. We know that we need to work as a team, we need to play as a team, we need to think as a team, we need to be a team. The whole season is ahead of us, and we know we have the capability of coming out on top.

Student Floats to be a Feature in Homecoming Parade

Elizabeth Hybl, staff


This year’s homecoming parade will be held Oct. 9 from 6-7 pm. All groups, clubs or individuals are welcome to design a float for the parade. Floats will be judged in three categories: this year’s theme, the homecoming theme and eagle pride.

Floats can be as big as a trailer or as small as a tricycle. To enter a float in the parade, students need to pick up a form from Ms. Johnsen in room 111 and return it by Oct 2.

After the parade, students and faculty are encouraged to support the men’s varsity soccer team at their game at 7 pm.


East Football Prieview


WHEN: 7 P.M on Friday

RECORDS: East 0-1 lost to Kapaun, BC 1-0 Beat Northwest.

ACES TO WATCH: Quarter back Dominic Webb who is a transfer from South High. Webb was 15-32 on passing with 332 yards and 3 interceptions. Webb also rushed for 71 yards last week against the Kapaun Mt. Carmel Crusaders. Another their wide receivers Edwards, Kelly, and Joseph Patrick. According to Offensive Coordinator Coach Dusty Trail, “the Aces defense seems to be pretty good with Division 1 prospects at the defensive end and cornerback positions.”

EAGLES TO WATCH: Returning starter from last year wide receiver Adam Bailey who was out last week with a back injury plans to make a difference in Friday’s game. The Golden Eagle offense will plan to make some key plays to take advantage of the Blue Aces. The Honas brothers, Hank and Will, will definitely make a difference with a new defensive set up. Coach Trail said, “We’d like to throw the ball more this week to try and get Keaten Mans, Blake Newell, and AJ Dunmire more involved. And if Brett Bell can catch we will try to throw the ball to him more this week.”

FLYER PREDICTIONS: Kyle Moore- BC 45 EAST 10 Dylan Albers- BC 24 EAST 0 Caleb Hudspeth- BC 34 EAST 0 Brett Cass- BC 42 EAST 7