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Classroom Spotlight

Classroom Spotlight

November 14, 2016

Getting to know Danica Larkey

March 1, 2016

1. What is your favorite hobby(s)? Volleyball 2. What is your favorite thing about Carroll? Being able to actively live out my faith 3. Do you have a favorite class? Math 4. How many people are in your family? Mom dad and older br...

Getting to know Claire Goenner

February 23, 2016

1. What activities are you involved in at Bishop Carroll? Stuco and school mascot this year 2. What is your favorite part about being a student at Bishop Carroll? Being able to be myself and the community 3. Do you know...

Getting to know Whitney Bockover

February 17, 2016

What is your favorite color? Turquoise blue What is your favorite vacation spot? New Orleans Why is that your favorite spot? My aunt lives there and there is a lot of things to do Where do you want to go to college? Washburn or K-state If you could live off of one fo...

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