Top Movies of 2022

The Batman is 4th on our list, thanks to the acting performances of Pattinson, Kravitz


“The Batman” is one of the top five movies of the year, according to staffer Corinne Landwehr. Photo courtesy of DC Comics.

From the many movies she saw in 2022, the Flyer’s Corinne Landwehr has chosen her top 5. Here’s No. 4. The rest of the list will be revealed in the upcoming Flyer. 

No. 4: Batman

I, of course had to see this movie, just because of how nervous everyone was about it. As someone who doesn’t really care about superhero stuff, I was super impressed. Robert Pattinson did an amazing job channeling Batman’s energy. Zoe Kravitz is one of my favorite actresses who has played Catwoman. It’s hard to beat Michelle Phiefer as Catwoman in the 1990’s but Zoe’s performance was amazing, renewing Cat Woman’s “girl boss” persona. The Riddler (played by Paul Dano) in Batman was quite the character. His weird mannerisms and eerie actions made the experience so much more dramatic and better as a whole.