Game 4: BC football looks to bounce back against Dodge City

Rushing attack could be key for BC offense

Adrian Holguin, Sports Editor


The Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles will be attempting to bounce back from the tough and difficult loss they suffered at the expense of the high-powered Derby panthers just one week ago. They will look to perform this task in this week’s matchup against the 102-ranked Dodge City Red Demons; the Golden Eagles are ranked ninth in the state after the 2-1 start to their season.

For the Dodge City Red Demons, this season has been a rough one, to say the least. After a 1-2 start, with the lone win coming against the 0-3 Liberal Redskins, they are left wondering if there is any way to salvage the season going into week four of the season.

The glaring weakness for the Red Demons, particularly in their week one game against Kapaun, is their inability to stop opposing rushing attacks. This is an element of their team and defense that could potentially pose their downfall this Friday night against the Golden Eagle rushing attack, headed by tailback Hunter Trail.

The storyline of the game for the Golden Eagles will be how their defense is able to bounce back after a tough outing against the Panthers last week. The defense consistently had a difficult time shutting down the Derby running game, which in turn opened up the Derby passing attack as the game progressed. This sequence of events allowed Derby to spread out its lead throughout the second half, which was the main reason for the game’s outcome. The Golden Eagles will need to find and correct the holes in their run defense as well as play a more complete game on Friday in order to come out on top.

Adrian’s Prediction:

It will be interesting to see how the Golden Eagles are able to respond following a seemingly demoralizing and humbling outcome against the Derby Panthers. But luckily enough for the Golden Eagles, they shouldn’t have much trouble taking down the Red Devils in BC Memorial Family Stadium. One aspect of their game that I think will be particularly successful is Hunter Trail and the run game. Despite the adversity they will be facing, I do expect the Golden Eagles to take care of business against the Red Devils, while beating the Red Devils by as much as two total scores. Final Score: 28-14

Golden Eagle Quotes:

Senior wideout Noah Furgeson on how his team is looking to bounce back this week against Dodge City after a difficult loss last week against the Panthers:

    “We’re trying to get back to basics and not only win, but improve our skills to get ready for our upcoming games.”

Ferguson on what it will take for the team to come out on top:

    “It will take up executing better on every play, as well as being more consistent overall.”