Athletes learn life lessons after senior seasons cut short


By Adrian Holguin, Sports Editor

It has been disheartening to watch what happened to the BC senior athletes. They were looking to prove themselves over the course of their final semester as a Bishop Carroll Golden Eagle.  They desperately wanted to finish their careers strong or prove to college recruiters they still had more to give. Then, the virus hit, upending everyone’s plans. Flyer sports editor Adrian Holguin looks into the experience. 

When asked what his immediate reaction to the news wasmulti-time City League champion Greg Rauch said, “The changes that came in to place were so swift that we had no way to prepare or understand the scope until it was already in our laps 

All of the B.C. coaches met with (Athletic Director) Fraizer the Friday before Spring Break and at that time we were hoping that it was just going to be a delay of sort,” added Rauch, girls soccer coach. “When we were notified that the in-building school year and sports seasons were officially called off, it was still a punch in the gut. Clearly there were indicators that it could happen but I literally prayed fervently for any type of season.”

Senior girls soccer athlete Lauren Brooks added, “I was extremely upset when I heard that our season was cancelled. It seemed like everything that I worked so hard for and waited so long for had just been ripped from me. I was devastated. I think looking back on this situation down the road will remind me to take nothing for granted. It sounds cliché, but you never know what’s going to happen. It’s important to go 110% in everything that you do no matter what it is, because the things that seem like a given now, might be taken from you in the future.”

Senior Taryn Lubbers stated, “So girls soccer is a very different sport when it comes to recruiting as it happens very early. I committed my freshman year (to K-State) and most girls commit long before their senior season. I know several athletes though that were really relying on this season to try and get scholarships and now they are scrambling trying to find a school that they can play for next year. It is incredibly sad and unfortunate and I really do feel for those athletes.”

When Lubbers was asked how she will use these unfortunate sequences of events to motivate her as she goes on to K-State this summer, she stated, “As much as this situation sucks, I think that it will definitely build character and help me develop as a player. One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Every adversity carries with it the seed of equivalent advantage.’ One upside of this adversity is the fact that I am able to dedicate a lot of time to training and working out which will be a huge advantage when I go to K-state to compete this fall.”