Eagles complete undefeated regular season, cruise into sub-state

Adrian Holguin, Sports Editor

Golden Eagle 2020 Season Review

Regular-Season Recap:  

This regular season has been very successful for Coach Mike Domnick and his Golden Eagles, who have cemented themselves as one of, if not the best, teams in Kansas. BC was also able to win the school’s first Boys City League title in basketball. Brenyn St. Vrain stated, “It’s an amazing feeling, knowing that any one of these upcoming games could be my last. I’m not taking anything for granted and I’m just loving every moment I have left with this team.” Carter Reid added, “It’s special, but we can’t take it for granted. Everything we’ve done, we have worked extremely hard for. We have a team full of hard workers, and it’s a lot of fun. I’m hoping I can keep that same energy and lead this team into next year.” The Golden Eagles were able to cap off their perfect 20-0 season with a 23-point win against the Heights Falcons on Tuesday.

Coach Domnick has been blessed this season with a mainly veteran group of Eagles, but this team is also flooded with junior talent, headed by the likes of Enrique Lankford, Alex Littlejohn, and Reid, who are perfectly able to compliment the senior stars that this squad presents. One of the main components of the junior’s early high school success is the seniors’ ability to lead and mold the group. When asked about the leadership of the seniors, Reid stated, “They all keep the energy up and always pick each other up. When we’ve faced challenges, we always go at those challenges head first, and leave nothing on the court.”

The Golden Eagles had a lot of returning faces this season. This talented senior group is highlighted by valuable senior guard Tanner Mans, who has filled the role of vocal leader. When I got the chance to sit down with Coach Domnick, he stated how Mans was able to learn from guys like Luke Evans on how to lead. When asked about the specific ways Tanner leads this group, Reid stated, “He makes sure we are all on the same page and he always keeps a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. He was once in the underclassmen spot and so was I. So we all try to be good leaders and show them how to work hard.” Mans added, “I attempt to just show the younger kids the way to do things and to show them how to be a good teammate.”

One of the best storylines coming out of this season was the team’s ability to not miss a beat when their leader, Tanner Mans went down with a concussion in what was the last game of the McPherson Tournament. In Mans’ three-game absence, the team stepped up and did not lose a game. In fact, we got to perhaps see a brief preview of what could come next season for the Golden Eagles with the junior stars of this group picking up the majority of the slack throughout the adversity that this team experienced.



1st Round, Win against Maize South: 72-55

The Golden Eagles just this past Tuesday were able to take down the 16th ranked Maize South with a final score of 72-55. The Eagles unsurprisingly saw a huge performance from Enrique Lankford and Tanner Mans with each of them putting up 16 total points on the night. The usually stout defense of the Golden Eagles seemed to have trouble guarding Guard Trey Reid, who was able to put up an impressive amount of points with 25 in total on the night.

Going Forward:

The Golden Eagles will be returning to Bishop Carroll this Friday night at 7 o’clock to take on a 8th ranked Andover Central team during in the second round of the Tournament. The Golden Eagles will continue to fight their way through daunting Sub-State bracket, as they look to replicate the success of the 2017 state champion Golden Eagles. In order to get to where they want to go, they will need to continue to be a complete and dominant force day-in and day-out. This group has been extremely locked in all season and in no-way do I see them stopping now. This is an extremely special group that by the looks of things can conquer any potential challenge that could potentially stand in their way throughout the remainder of the season.

Quotes from the Golden Eagles:

Enrique Lankford on what he believes to be the teams defining moment this season:

“I think being the first team in Carroll history to win a league title really shows how special we are and that we can go all the way.”

Carter Reid on what he will need to do in order to continue being a factor for his team throughout the playoffs:

“I’m gonna be more aggressive and make sure to be more vocal out there on the court. Always being a good leader on the court and holding each other accountable, to make sure we all play to our potential.”

Brenyn St. Vrain on what it is like to be a key part of the best 5A team in the state of Kansas:

“It’s an amazing feeling and knowing that any one of these upcoming games could be my last I’m not taking anything for granted and I’m just lo9ving every moment I have with this team.”