Classroom Spotlight: Gourmet Cooking

Photojournalism continues its look at what’s going on in BC classrooms. 

Class: Gourmet Cooking
Teacher: Mrs. Emma Diskin

What are they doing: A lesson about the rising of dough. Students made cinnamon or caramel rolls in groups of two-three people. The class baked and then sat down to eat.

Why are the students baking cinnamon rolls?
Mrs. Liskin: “We did a yeast unit, so they did three different types of methods of yeast bread.”

What did you learn?
Brock Pedruzzi:: “I learned how to knead the dough and how much measurements you need.”
Jack Morrow: “I learned caramel rolls are better than cinnamon rolls.”

How do students usually like this assignment?

Mrs. Liskin: “They usually love it. It’s a favorite assignment.”

Why do you like this assignment?
Mrs. Liskin: “Everyone has a job and work really well together.”
Brock Pedruzzi: “Cause it tastes good. That’s why.”
Jack Morrow: “This assignment was very tasty.”

What advice would you give to future students doing this assignment?
Brock Pedruzzi: “Get measurements right.”
Jack Morrow:: “Definitely caramel rolls over cinnamon rolls. They are so much better.”