Classroom Spotlight: Chemistry II Honors

Density lab challenges students

Will Biby, Photojournalism Class

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Photojournalism students will take you around Bishop Carroll with the annual “Classroom Spotlight” assignment. This ongoing series will run periodically at Will Biby visited Chemistry II honors. 

Teacher: Mr. Shellhammer
What they’re doing: The students are doing a density lab. They are measuring the density of water, copper, and an unknown substance they will try to determine.The students are learning how to calculate density and how to use other lab skill.
Mr. Shellhammer says: “I like the assignment because it really goes to show how we can get precise measurements if we use the equipment we are given correctly.”
Hunter Trail says: “Definitely stay on task and stay on time because the lab can take a while, so if you fall behind you will definitely want to have some buffer time to fix the error.”
Lexie Biby: “I learned how to measure volume, density, and percent error.”