Football Preview: West Pioneers bring ‘physical’ team to BC

Both teams coming off big wins last week


BC will try for a win against a physical West team tonight.

Adrian Holguin, Sports Editor

Wichita West (2-0) at Bishop Carroll (1-1)


Bishop Carroll: The Golden Eagles are rolling off of a big blowout win against the Heights Falcons on Friday. They ran the ball into the end zone seven times. They have a real up and coming junior class and are looking to keep the momentum going against West this Friday. BC’s record stands at 1-1, and is ranked sixth in the state per the “Wichita Eagle.”

Wichita West: West is coming off of a huge win against Kapaun. This was a huge win for the program overall because it was the first time in nearly 20 years that the Pioneers have gotten a win against the Crusaders. It was also the largest blowout against Kapaun since 1967. West is an extremely experienced team, bringing back 13 starters and an extremely talented group of sophomores. They are currently 2-0, and ranked ninth in the state per the “Eagle.” 


Bishop Carroll: Hunter Trail (RB): Hunter looked like he could begin to be the focal point of this high-powered offense. I expect that to look even more relevant tonight against West. Trail, the son of head coach Dusty Trail, ran for 153 yards, to go along with three touchdowns on 12 carries, against Heights.

Wichita West: Defense: West’s D limited Kapaun to just 11 rushing yards on 21 carries. They also only allowed 141 yards through the air on 10 passes. They will look to keep this momentum against Carroll this Friday night.


Bishop Carroll: Look for Coach Trail to attempt to keep the momentum that his team compiled last week against Heights. They will need to need to continue to run the ball well against West’s above average defense. Expect Hunter Trail to get a surplus of carries.

Wichita West: Expect for West to attempt to use its stout defense to slow down Carroll’s high powered offense this week. They will also attempt to produce turnovers on defense, in order to give their offense good field position.
Expect for the Golden Eagles to jump out to an early lead early in the first half, then keep building on that lead as the game progresses. Expect for the Eagles to win in a similar fashion as they did last week. Final Score: BC 44, West 14


Assistant Coach Jim Nance on last week’s game against Heights:
“I thought that we had improved dramatically over a weeks’ time. We corrected some things that we saw on the field against Northwest. I think the kids did a good job handling the change, and making changes and getting better. If we continue to improve, I think that we will be fine for the rest of the year, but you know it is one of those things where the kids have got to know how to improve, learn how to be coached, and if we continue this growth we should be fine.”

Coach Nance on the upcoming game against West:
“West High is a good team, a physical team. We have to do our job. Everyone has to do their job. We can’t try to do other people’s job’s, you must do your job first. Everyone must play disciplined to stop West High. They have a great coach. They are a great running team. A very physical team. They will pound ya, and hopefully they can make a mistake, and we capitalize on it.”