Homecoming Dance

Anna Schmidt, Editor

Saturday, October 7, the packed gym at the annual Homecoming dance was a surprising sight for most, as Homecoming is not usually as well attended as the Back to School Dance. With a turn out of almost 900 students, this dance was one for the books. 

Aside from the large attendance, other memorable events happened on Saturday night. Sophomores Hannah Miller, Jadyn Brown, Segar Holeman, and Colby Hudspeth were caught in a T-Bone accident on 21st and 167th Street. The crash resulted in all four students being rushed to the hospital. While the situation appeared frightening at first, the sophomores were lucky. Hannah Miller left with a broken pinkie and Jadyn Brown with stitches and a concussion.  

Miller said, “I was sad to have missed the dance, but there really wasn’t much of an option. I was just glad everything turned out OK.” 

The accident left the students at the dance buzzing, but as all things do, the night went on. Students at the dance enjoyed the DJ, and on an Instagram poll, voted in favor of his music choices. Community leaders RJ Lara, Chloe Charles, and Julia Howey were pleased with the DJ and the dance as a whole, as they did the job of planning and decorating it.  

Lara said, “I thought it was a huge success. The whole place felt full of people and everyone seemed to be genuinely excited.” 

Even bathroom chaperone Jenny Cass was pleased with the night. “I feel like everyone washed their hands with soap and water, and no diseases were spread, so it was a successful night,” she said. 

Overall, the hiccups were outweighed by the fun times, and a good time was had by all.