Fall Sports Scrimmages Recap


A sight that we hope to see very often this season.

Dillon Malone, Sports Writer

A sight that we hope to see very often this season.

Let’s get ready to rumble Eagles!

The fall sports teams had a great set of scrimmages on Friday and all looked ready to roll into regular season competition either this weekend or next week. It was a cool experience to see all the talented athletes that participate in our sports.

Boy’s Soccer

Kicking off the evening, the boy’s soccer teams did not fail to disappoint. Both the varsity and junior varsity teams had impeccable defenses, with almost nothing getting past the back line of varsity. Look for seniors Alec Bevis, Corbyn Howard, Dawson Lee, Skyler Stuckey, and Ryan Griffin to be the leaders on the field, but don’t sleep on guys like Kyle Linsner, Ryan Sorochty, the Huslig twins, and others as they look to make their mark on what is likely to be a very good season for the boy’s soccer team. Be sure and watch their first game on Tuesday, an Eagle Cup event, as they take on the Maize Eagles.

Girl’s Tennis 

Led by an army of Steven’s girls, the girl’s tennis team looked ready to take on the competition after a solid set of scrimmages. The theme for the ladies this year seems to be family, as freshman twins Heidi and Hope Lubbers look to develop into great tennis players, and the Steven’s: Brittany, Brayden, Lauren, and Vanessa look to live up to their last name and be phenomenal tennis players. The girls play in their first tournament at Collegiate Saturday.


The girls looked ready to rumble Friday night as all three levels of the volleyball team were on the floor. Varsity looked to be in good hands with the likes of seniors Savana Godfrey and Shayne Hauserman. A name to remember is freshman Ella Larkin, she was a national finalist in sand volleyball this past summer. Ella, and a group of young players, should provide a huge boost for the team for years to come. The talent level across the entire team is high, which will hopefully mean a strong season for the BC Volleyball squad.

Boys Cross Country

Start your engines! Not really, but the boy’s time trial did bring up memories of a NASCAR race. For the first time in the fall sports scrimmages, the boys cross country team completed their time trial on the track during halftime of the football scrimmage.  The team looks to be anchored by junior Matt Harding who finished his two miles in just over ten minutes, with Auggie Iseman and Wayne Hesse rounding out the top three. They open the season next Saturday at Lake Afton.


Back at the Family Stadium, the boys of fall looked ready to roll on Friday. Perhaps the most intriguing player was senior running back Desmond Smith, who opened the scoring with a long TD run. Some other players to watch are quarterback Braden Howell and defenders Isaiah Carter and Riggs Robben. They kick off the season next Thursday at Northwest.

Overall the fall sports teams looked very good and the Flyer staff can’t wait to cover them as their respective seasons progress!