What happened?!?! Let Katie and Jacy break down the election for you


Katie Gross

Post election, seniors Katie Gross and Jacy Holbrook give their two cents on how everything went down.

What was your initial reaction?

Jacy: First and foremost, I’m proud of America for avoiding Hillary. I’ve never been Trump’s biggest fan, but I doubt our country could have withstood a Clinton presidency. Most importantly, though, I have gained a new faith in our political system, I was honestly sure that the corruption couldn’t be reversed, but this election proved that ‘We the People’ still matter, we still have a voice.

Jacy Holbrook

Katie: Personally, I did not support Hillary, nor love the idea of Donald Trump, but I didn’t expect this. I always saw Hillary as a Politian super power that couldn’t be avoided. When I turned on the TV last night and saw Trump had won North Carolina, Florida and Ohio I knew the country had decided otherwise. I felt a sense of relief knowing that we wouldn’t be living in Hillary’s America for four years.

What is your personal opinion of the reaction on social media?

Jacy: Overwhelming rejoice, complaint, and just about everywhere in between. It’s quite ironic that I’ve seen dozens of tweets saying something to the effect of ‘if you voted for or support Donald Trump you’re racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.’ Liberal platforms constantly promote the ‘acceptance for all, never stereotype’ mindset… except when they disagree with you. Then it’s okay to stereotype. Somehow. I would compare the liberal media to a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. It’s hilarious.

Katie: I think that the general reaction on social media was very negative. The liberals have a strong hold on the media, a fact we can’t deny, but I think that this showed just how much. Also, some of the comments being made about both the election and the candidates were very uneducated. I think that if people took the time to educate themselves on both candidates, instead of getting their political information from twitter, there would not be this much discontent.

What do you think is next for America?

Jacy: Once the shock of the election wears off, I think the most important thing for our country to do is give Trump a chance. In his victory speech, he talked a lot about healing the wounds of our country and ending deep divisions. Let’s let him try. For all we know, it’ll happen.

Katie: I think that the citizens of this country need to come to terms with the results of the election. Protesting and keeping a negative mindset keeps the country from moving forward. It’s time for the racial tension and discontent between citizens to be dealt with and worked out. We are all one nation, and the next step is to unite and move forward.