New Sandal Policy

Monica Martin

Recently the student body was informed that they would no longer be able to wear sandals, open-toed, or open-heeled shoes.

I fully respect every decision that the administration makes, but with that being said, I would still like to know why this new rule was enacted. When most rules are created, there are usually problems that lead to the creation of said rules. I am confused as to what problems would be presented by wearing sandals, so much so that a new policy would need to be established. The only explanation I can think of is that last year many girls were unaware of the rule against sandals and began to wear them on dress down days. Then, the administration, noticing more and more girls wearing sandals, realized they would have to reiterate the rule, but decided to wait until the beginning of this year.

Even though the administration doesn’t have to give reasons for everything they do, I believe it would be good if they gave a reason for this. I think others, like me, could be confused as to this policy and would just like to know why this is an issue, and an explanation would be very helpful.