BC Welcomes Father Sam Brand as New Chaplain


Father Samuel Brand was named the new chaplain at Bishop Carroll on Sunday. On Monday, Flyer staff member Mary Ebberwein caught up with Fr. Brand for a quick interview. Look for more coverage on the new chaplain later in the week.

By Mary Ebberwein

Ten years ago, Father Samuel Brand was a young 2006 Bishop Carroll graduate who had been involved in theater all four years, played some tennis, and never missed a single Carroll football game.

On Sunday, he was excited to announce that he would be returning to his alma mater as the school’s new chaplain.

The new assignment had an element of surprise for Father Brand, who has served as associate pastor to the Church of the Magdalen the past two years.

“I had begun to assume my next step in the priesthood was high school chaplaincy,” Brand said, “but being on the East side, I thought I was going to Kapaun. I was extremely excited to know I would be going back home to Carroll.”

Fr. Brand said that attending Bishop Carroll was a turning point for his vocation and a major reason for his white collar and black attire.

“Carroll is the place my vocation was really nurtured and a big reason why I’m a priest today,” said Fr. Brand.

Though excited, Brand is also nervous at the thought of being chaplain: “It’s a whole new ministry. There are many unknowns and I still don’t feel worthy. But I’m excited to just be a priest.”

The community is also excited for Fr. Brand to “just be a priest” at Carroll.

Mr. Biedron, math teacher at BC, was a high school friend of Fr. Brand. He finds Father to be a perfect fit.

“He’ll be great,” Biedron said. “He is a very charismatic. He has a positive attitude and he’s very friendly and social. He likes to get to know you very well and be on a personal level. He’ll relate very well with the students.”

After knowing Fr. Brand for two years, senior Kaleigh Galicia agrees with Mr. Beidron on Father’s ability to relate with anyone.

“He’s so easy to talk to,” she said. “Anyone could go talk him.”

Senior Lydia Crownover knows Fr. Brand from Magdalen. “He’s really kind,” she said. “I think he will do really well because he’s relatable and easy to talk to.”

History teacher Mr. Laubhan even remembers Fr. Brand as a student.

“I remember he was always conscientious, hardworking, but he was still able to relate and socialize with other people. I think he will be good here because he will be able to relate to everyone, and he will do well with taking on the challenge of living the faith. He also has the energy and drive needed.”

Father Brand has memories of his chaplain at Carroll, Father Jarrod Lies, and he hopes to embody the same charisma for the Carroll community.

“Father Jarrod had a lot of energy about him. He was so on fire for the faith and that spread to almost everyone he talked to. That is the energy I hope to bring to Carroll, too.”

Contributing quotes gathered by Katie Gross, Monica Martin and Clare Morgan. Photo courtesy of Catholic Diocese of Wichita.