Looking forward to: POWDERPUFF

The Flyer’s top 5 perks of Powderpuff

By Elle Clouse and Morgan Werth

  1. Role reversal. Girls get the chance to show off their athletic skills while the guys can experience the famous Bishop Carroll student section life.
  2. Football & fellowship. Each class gets the chance to host a pre-game picture sesh at one team mate’s house. It’s no secret that this time is one of the best parts of the night.

“I’m excited for the game Wednesday night because the seniors’ chemistry is on point this year,” Sam Bongartz

  1. Watching the standouts. Meghan Gutierrez and Daesha Howard have already shown that they are bringing their A-game to the field on Wednesday.

“We will do well offensively!” Meghan Gutierrez said.

  1. Learning from the best. Both junior and senior girls take criticism well when it is coming from the Bishop Carroll football team.

“We’ve made some big changes from last year, we’re back and better than ever,” senior coach Kirk Murphy said.

  1. Post-game party. While winning is all kinds of important, both teams will end the night on a high note with the third annual open-mic night and bonfire in the parking lot following the game.