RIVALRY WEEK: Coach Trail Interview

Photo taken by Ava Mikesell
Photo taken by Ava Mikesell

Interviewed by Jesi Reichenberger

What players at BCCHS have been playing very well? “ Offensively Jake Allen has been taking good care of the football and that what we have asked our QB’s to to do , and making great plays. Also Adam Theis has played well and ran the ball, but still has things to learn, but also all the guys have been giving great effort and trying to do the things they have been coached to do, so no complaints from a coaching’s stand point. Then Noah Johnson has dominated offensive line, as we expected ,but so has everyone else on the line.” Coach Trail said

What do you think of the outcome of the Kapaun vs Carroll game will be? “Well, that’s an interesting question, hopefully the outcome will be in our favor, but its going to be a tough game ,no matter what the records are, Kapuan has a great QB (Brock Monte) and they run the ball well also very tough to contain, ,Kapaun has been running a different offensive compared to the past, its more wide open and they have been running the ball, I’ve been here for 20 years and they have never ran the ball like they have been lately, this will be an interesting test for us and hopefully we can control the ball tonight” Coach Trail

When was the last time Carroll lost to Kapuan? “Oh gosh, I don’t wanna talk about it, I can’t remember the last time we lost to them, at least 12 years, but our focus isn’t on the streak, it’s on trying to improve so that we can achieve our goals at the end of the season rather than beginning. “ Coach Trail